As one app developer has stated, “This is Twitter all over again,” because it appears that Instagram is getting strict with their API and naming policies. Sources have learned that Instagram has begun sending out letters to app developers asking them to cease using the word ‘insta’ or ‘gram’ in their titles. And are giving them 48 hours to comply.

To clear up any immediate confusion, this isn’t like Apple’s ‘app store’ or some other similar situations where Instagram doesn’t want any app at all to use either of these words. They simply don’t want 3rd party app developers that are accessing and using some of Instagram’s APIs to use either of the words.

The example is Luxogram, who uses a portion of Instagram’s APIs to access some of their features for the gallery and other popular tools, and the same can be said about Webstagram. Previous rules stated developers could use one or the other, but not both, but now it sounds like Instagram doesn’t want anyone using either.

Instagram already has a pretty tight grip on what they’ll allow 3rd party apps to be able to do, such as trying to post pictures to Instagram without using the app, and things of that nature. They do have some APIs available for developers, but now if they want access, they can’t use ‘insta’ or ‘gram’ in their title. Any current apps available have 48 hours or a reasonable amount of time to reply and change their names.

They’ll let you use their APIs as long as you don’t use their trademark name, seems fair to us in a way. And hey, this worked out great for Facebook a few years back with ‘face’ and ‘book’ for those who remember that ridiculousness.

VIA: The Verge

  • More Corporate Nonsense

    InstaBullshitGram! Sick to death with all these companies claiming they own every bloody thing under the sun.

  • stevejobswasascammer

    Asinine waste of time.

  • Kristin VP of Instamour

    This is Kristin From Instamour this is no joke a lot of people will be losing jobs and companies!! This is bullying /Monopoly our app is involved also with this case and we are not even a insta we are inst Amour …amour is the French word for love and inst was just instant love shortened . We are not changing our name!! We spent two years branding and marketing worldwide and if we did that now it could ruin us . Im a single mom of a seven year old I have nothing not a penny to lose this was our dream and we worked free for two years for our startup how dare these sharks try to run everyone over. They do not have rights to the dictionary or every website or app that says insta-gram face-book please stop playing like your the victim your billionaires leave us be what a sick greedy world!