IN Media has announced that it has a new tablet PC that will be heading to market soon if all goes well. The company doesn’t offer up an image of the new tablet for us to check out, but it does give most of the specs of the tablet though.

The Tablet PC 7 will have support for entertainment and gaming applications and will support business apps as well. It will pack in a camera, WiFi, and a removable SD card for more storage when needed. The tablet will also feature Bluetooth for connectivity with other peripherals and accessories. The tablet will run Android 2.2.

In Media CEO Dr. Nick Karnik said, “We are allowing users to migrate from Laptops and Netbook PCs to the more robust applications supported on the Tablet running Android 2.2. The Bluetooth keyboard capability provides a smooth transition.” In Media reports the tablet will sell for $199 and will ship in April.

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