In a world that doesn’t, droid does: new ads for motorola droid

November 10, 2009

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You might remember that before the DROID was release to the public, the TV spot that pitted the new Motorola DROID against the iPhone, well, iDon't phone, was a big hit. Well, if you like the Verizon campaign against the iDon't phone, boy, are you going to love the new TV commercials for the Motorola DROID.

Now, that is not the only ad out there for the DROID by Motorola, just a few days ago we posted about the latest ad for the DROID, which had a SciFi theme to it. I been working all night you see, but from time to time I get to watch a little TV, and while watching SPIKETV, I watched three different new DROID TV ads. So I got on my laptop and began to search youtube, in hopes that someone out there had uploded those new ads to the web.

Well, guess what, lucky me! My searched paid off, not just one but a couple of people had actually uploaded video to youtube of those three TV ads I had just watched. And with out further delay, I present to you...oopss wait, I got a little carried away, oh well, anyway, enjoy the videos below. Let us know in the comments area if you like these new TV ads for the Motorola DROID.




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