I know what you are going to say when you read the specs of the Impression 7 tablet or i7. OMG, that thing runs Froyo?! Yeah it runs Froyo, but if you are in the market for a cheap Android tablet that you can use for someone just starting or a kid, the i7 might be just the ticket. It’s cheaper than the Kindle Fire by $20 with a price of $179.

It packs in a 7-inch TFT resistive screen with a resolution of 800 x 480. It has a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM, and runs Android 2.2 as mentioned. It packs in WiFi, 4GB of storage, and a G-sensor along with a pair of USB ports. It also has a microSD card slot with up to 16GB support. The camera is only 0.3MP, presumably a front camera.

If you want something larger you can get a 10-inch version for $349, but that will be a harder sell if it packs similar hardware inside. Availability is set for early November so they should land very near the Kindle Fire. I think I would pay the extra $20 and go with the Fire. What about you, which tablet would you rather have?

[via BGR]

  • Got mine at K-mart yesterday 11/18 for $129 which is $50 less than the $179 listed price.  So far so good.  Sometimes a little slow and you have to punch at the screen sometimes.  but for a lowcost tablet, can’t beat the price.

    • Hosey Brooke

      Wish you would have waited! It’s going to be $99.99 on Black Friday!!

      • just got on for 99$ today blackfriday

      • Tyrhane_wyllin

        its 89.99 bucks now, haha wish u guys have waited and not just buy right away cause everyones buying it

  • Luis Sanchez

    I got mine today (Black Friday) at $99 at K-MART. It looks like a very decent tablet for the price. So far I love it. I wonder if you can upgrade the Android version to 2.3 or 3.0 ? Any thoughts ?


  • Alb808

    Any more reviews? My wife got this from Kmart at Black Friday. It’s for the kids Xmas gift.

  • Wagsgirls

    I put 2 of these on layaway black friday! I’m really hoping they are decent! They are for my girls (11 & 10) for christmas. I did spend the extra for the 1 yr. service plan not sure if it was worth it, but it seems to make me feel a little better! They wanted either a tablet or 3ds, I figured they can do more with the tablet & they were actually cheaper!

  • Td19952000

    Can you play angry birds on it?

  • Pblart1203

    Spent hours trying to get it to work right. Took it back to Kmart (the lady at Kmart told me to go go to HH Gregg and by the Koby she bought 3 that day for Christmas presents). Went to HH Gregg bought the Koby cyrus $30 cheaper and is awesome. The impression has apps that are junk and the Koby  has real apps for free like angry birds etc…  

  • Mejussme

    If you have this tablet you should use a stylus pen because it has a resistive screen. If you do this, it is VERY FAST! It has android 2.2 which runs flash on websites!! AWESOME for the money!

    resistive = stylus pen
    capacitive = fingers

  • Mejussme

    You can download the regular android market look on the web for VENDING.APK download. then install it like a regular app. then you will have access to ALL the android apps.

  • KD

    Android apps won’t download on it after the vending.apk download is installed. How do you get the android apps to download?

  • Mtmom1402

    I received this tablet as a gift, but am so far not very happy with it’s performance. I can’t download any off the apps that I use on my droid phone, and the internet speed seems to be quite slow to me. Anyone else think that there could be some major improvements to this item?

  • Ns5463

    Not bad for a child or a beginner.  The app market (slideme) doesn’t have much, but if you root the device, then you can use the amazon and google apps markets.  One problem is the location of the device.  the Android Market (google) assumes the device is located in China, so you only have access to apps that are available in china.  But for a beginner or a child, there are still thousands of apps they can play.  Most anything they should be playing (angry birds, word games, number games, storybooks, simon, flashcard, short movies etc) can be found on one of the three available markets. 

    • Sgwann

      how do you root the device….

      from not so computer savvy…..

  • Playerelite22

    I think it is very decent for the price. Got mine for $99 too last week at kmart. Ya it might not be as fancy as the other tablets on the market, but it does all the basics. I like it. I may get another.

  • Lillylash

    I just bought The Impression. I’m charging it before use. It came in a very nice case, and the price is right..$99.00. Ii like that I can watch youtube vids on it. It’s my understanding that you can’t on the Kindle Fire.

  • Sweetgurl6973

    We bought two of these…returned the first one after about a week because we had trouble loading any apps.  We kept the other because it was just being used for surfing the internet when the other computer in the house was being used.  After about 3 months, the dc adapter input broke and it wont charge anymore.  It doesnt have the capability of charging through the home computer with a USB either.    It only has a 90 day labor warranty and the phone line states the hours are only from 8-5 M-F.

  • Abarb

    I got my impression for christmas last year and lost the charger right after, i just bought a new one and now it wont turn on. Before it died their was absolutly nothing wrong with it and i got it brand new. Can anyone help me?

  • yahoo.com

    i hate my tablet because i have to press down super hard to chick on something. There for there is no sensitivity on it and it won’t download any apps. Infact the snsitivity is so bad that i have to use an old pen that no longer has ince to select an app on my tablet. My 1 year old tablet that i got as a gift last year for my birthday is notworking very well can you please respond to me as soon as possible at

    i would really appreaciate it if you could do that