You know what I really like about Huawei? Despite being a definite up-and-comer in the Android world (in Europe and Asia, anyway – here they keep getting the shaft) they’ve left Android alone for the most part. Even on their high-end devices like the Acend P1 S, you’ll find an interface that is mostly stock – and with Ice Cream Sandwich, what more do you need? Yes, Huawei is truly an example of what an Android manufacturer should be: a hardware vendor that lets Google’s software shine on its own.

…oh, for cryin’ out loud.

In case you Chinese is rusty, the image above says that Huawei will unveil its own custom interface, dubbed “Emotion UI”, in a press conference on June 9th. Phones released in July and after will sport this new interface, though Huawei hasn’t said if it will be updating current phones and tablets to bring in the new UI. The announcement above doesn’t actually show off the changes – the Ascend P1 S looks like it’s running stock Ice Cream Sandwich, as God intended.

Huawei says it’s listened to its customers while developing the new interface. They haven’t been listening to us, because as indicated above, we think that clean Android is the best Android. With the update to Ice Cream Sandwich, we don’t see why anyone needs a customized interface (we’re looking at you, HTC. And Samsung. And Motorola. And Sony.) The reason given by most analysts is “differentiation”, adding something to your phone that your competitors don’t have. Well Huawei, congratulations: you’re set to add needless resource hogging, extra steps for simple processes, and a complete lack of enthusiasm from yours truly.

[via UnwiredView]

  • you want clean ui that doesn’t take away from the ui, lol stock android is not the way to go lol, either install custom clean roms, or get a windows phone lol

  • “stock android” i mean oem android (nokia, sony etc)

  • Manuel Salcedo

    idk, I like custom UI, specialy Sense4.0,co’mon sense is better than ics stock !!!

    • firethorn

      hell no.

  • firethorn


  • gmaninvan

    I personally am a purist with UI. I love the ICS Holo but I can also understand that this will never happen on all handsets. Carriers don’t want twenty phones on their shelves with the same interface, period. That, and the manufacturers need something other than hardware to differentiate their products from the next guy.

    The smartest thing that google could do is to implement a theme engine into Jelly Bean so that, by default, the phone has the manufacturer skin but it can be easily turned off via the settings menu. In addition, the manufacturer can still keep their custom apps that they run only on their handsets but make them removable like all other apps on android.

    This is the future if you want to continue success with the platform. In addition, due to the stock interface, updates will also be quicker. If the manufacturer has incompatibilities in their apps, they can just pull them from the update and push them out once they are ready for the new build since they are not necessary for the function of the device.

    • Michael Crider

      I really like the idea of a built-in theme engine. Hell, Google could just ask the CyanogenMod guys for theirs.

      • gmaninvan

        I agree. I am a CM9 user and it is awesome. I think they actually originally got it from T-Mobile. They call it the tmobile theme engine. Not sure what phone it came from. The only thing they would have to change if they were to use that is the ability to theme app icons. The developers would be choked if everyone could just change their apps icon to whatever they want. It takes away from creating an app as a brand. You want people to be able to identify with your logo.