The folks from HTC have been facing some increasingly stiff competition. We’ve been following their sales numbers for some time now, a trend that keeps getting worse and worse, and today’s November sales surely don’t look any better. HTC recently released an impressive flagship smartphone in the US on Verizon Wireless. The HTC DROID DNA with a first of its kind 5-inch 1080p display, but it wasn’t quick enough to help out this month.

Despite releasing an improved HTC One X+, and the mighty powerful and impressive DROID DNA HTC’s profits just continue to tumble. According to Reuters this quarter isn’t looking any better than the last. November’s sales were down 31% compared to November 2011. Not a good sign at all.

HTC still managed to have sales topping $732 million in the month of November, but they were still 31% lower than last year at the same time. With the holidays quickly approaching we have a feeling they’ll be slashing the price even further on that brand new DROID DNA hoping to rack up some sales.

HTC recently inked a 10 year deal with Apple that will stop all those pesky and money draining lawsuits they’ve been engaged with for far too long, and they have multiple changes coming soon. Last month we reported they hired a new CMO to turn around their downward spiral, and yesterday another powerful flagship smartphone leaked to the rumor mill. Hopefully between some impressive new phones and the holiday sales HTC can get a little boost as we head into 2013.

[via Talk Android]

  • Captain_Doug

    C’mon HTC! Don’t die on me now!

    • I know right.. I still want the HTC Nexus 2 or something

      • Captain_Doug

        I would kill for that. A HTC DNA with on screen keys and stock android? sign me up.

      • Just like this image I made up a few weeks ago×462.jpg

        That would be epic. Only I think 5-inches is pushing my limits

      • Captain_Doug

        Exactly like that. I went and held a DNA and it was actually ok. However it was a little tall but if they used on screen keys and minimized the bottom bezel I’d have no complaints. I do agree though. I’d be fine with 4.5-4.8″ with the same amount of bezel. Specifically, 2.65-2.7″ is the limit.

      • the 4.9-inch Galaxy S IV with on-screen keys would be aaaamazing. then I’ll just flash CM or a vanilla Android rom and be king. I always accidentally hit the capacitive buttons on the Galaxy S III.

      • Captain_Doug

        This render?

        I agree. However I think the “official” reports are coming in at 4.99″. Not much of a difference.