Say hello to the HTC Vigor. This bad boy pictured below is the new HTC Vigor that will be landing on Verizon sometime early October if leaks are correct. This will be the replacement to the HTC Thunderbolt. Yes the Vigor will be that awesome. Although at first look this looks very similar to the HTC Incredible with the weird backing and red accents, just saying.

First leaks of the Vigor suggested a 1.5 Ghz dual-core CPU, Verizon 4G LTE, a 4.3″ 720p HD display with the qHD branding and more. While details are still very thin with this just leaking it does look pretty and we also have a picture of the front.

The more I look at the pictures this seriously just looks like a Droid Incredible, but then again we have this leaked roadmap clearly stating the HTC Vigor will replace the HTC Thunderbolt so some would assume it would be a bigger brother or something similar. We don’t have a kickstand and the rear does look nothing like the Thunderbolt so this could very well be some sort of follow up to the Incredible to carry along with DROID branding, Maybe the HTC Droid Incredible LTE.

HTC recently acquired Beats Audio and we heard a few sources suggest phones would get some sort of branding in the future but we aren’t seeing that here either. What does everyone think? Incredible LTE or a Thunderbolt replacement?

[via Droid-Life]

  • oGsSTC

    HTC has not acquired Beats audio….it has invested in it. Please don’t write false information.

  • Dennisjherron

     they aquired 51%, which makes them the majority owner, which means they own it… not false information

  • Chaosxe

    shit design….!!

  • US_1

    oh, please, HTC we want steel, shiny chrome and silver aluminum!

  • Anonymous

    Fugly back, but great phone.  Why do we have to choose like this.  The bionic sucks.  Is it superficial to say that the design actually might make me skip this device I would otherwise pounce on like a pack of wolves on a 3 legged cat?

  • Rfesdzxc

    Looks better than the bionic.

  • Guest

    nice specs, but knowing HTC, it probably comes with a 1200 mAh battery.

  • Jaendamian

    someone couldnt keep theyre hands off it because it filled with fingerprints

  • Curiousgeorge

    I like the round edges.  I have an Evo with sprint and I want an upgraded version to come out soon. This phone will definitely give me that. 4.3 720p display, 1.5g dual core and a 16g of memory! Yeah am sold but I don’t want to switch carriers since am pretty happy with sprint. I hope it comes with a kick stand, I fine that I use that a lot. I might have to switch to verizon if its not available on sprint. 

    • Anonymous

      I highly doubt this will be available on Sprint, they have an amazing phone selection as it stands, and this phone might even be “Droid” branded.