HTC Thunderbolt update leaks – Not Ice Cream Sandwich

April 17, 2012

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It looks like Verizon and HTC haven't completely forgot about the once reigning champion in the HTC ThunderBolt. A new software build for the ThunderBolt was leaked today although sadly this appears to still be Android 2.3 Gingerbread -- no Ice Cream Sandwich just yet. Most likely this has been scratched for the Android 4.0 update we are still waiting for, but this brings some improvements for those interested.

According to the folks at Android Police this is a pretty decent little leaked update. If you feel like giving it a try you'll get fixes for mobile hotspot issues and disconnects, volume problems have been resolved, VZNav has been updated, and they've added tons of stability to the device that should resolve some reboots.

Last we heard HTC was preparing to offer some test builds of ICS for the ThunderBolt but that was all. According to HTC the Thunderbolt will indeed be updated to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich -- the question is when. While you can try MIUI or CyanogenMod for the ThunderBolt many are probably still waiting for the official ICS and sadly today isn't the day. Stay tuned for more details and head to the source link below for full details on the leak.

[device id=65]

[via Android Police]

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  • MargaretNKinnley

    wtf is up with all this fucking “not icecream sammich” horseshit??

  • Nalonso85

    This sucks we want ICS I have bin waiting for this a long time we deserve it dam it.

  • Frenzi76

    We do deserve it first, were we not the first 4g mutha effers? We’re the OG’s of that ish.

  • Well now I know why my data connection was dropping and could only get it back by restarting the phone. I was in my local verizon store last friday for the data dropping and they never check or said there was this update that could fix it. The guy that looked at my phone was the manager and he said that my data connection was droping to 1x or dropping compleatly due to having lookout installed. Funny that I have had lookout on my phone from like day one and only had this issue one other time due to what I think was hard ware b/c it dissapeard after I replaced my sim card. 

    • Ashley

      I’ve had the same issue… it would drop to 1x and I called Verizon and we went so far as to reset my phone to factory settings to try to fix the issue. Not one word was mentioned abt the update.

    • Theonlyjohnson

      I have also been having this issue just lately. I have found that turning off and back on the mobile network it hops right back up to 4g

  • DevilSucker

    For what it’s worth, I inquired with Verizon’s customer service about the Tbolt ICS and they just confirmed that this device is NOT scheduled to receive ICS at any time in the future.