Before we begin, there’s two important things to note: one, that we don’t know Derek Rodriquez well enough to know for sure if these scores are real or accurate, but it appears that with his kernel “unboLTEd 0.2,” incredible speeds and scores have been achieved. Overlocking to 1.8GHz is no small feat one a single-core machine, neither is achieving a score of 2772 in Quadrant benchmarking – but is it real? We can certainly cross our fingers and hope for the best!

Rodriquez has not yet “released” his kernel to the public, but has sort of tossed it to the left and to the right here and there, as evidenced by tweets of people revving up his unboLTEd brand. Then there are the haters, one of them in particular making a joke about how easy it is to falsify the results we’re seeing here above and below by making his benchmark say OVER 9000!!! – a score which would melt the phone, surely.

Now once this kernel is set loose upon the world, or once you’ve got your very own custom kernel or any other such wild nonsense set up to show your fellow Androids, feel free to post away down [ThunderBolt Portal] way – fresh ground for your distribution! Also if you don’t have it yet, be sure to grab yourself a bit of the ol’ original ThunderBolt kernel straight from HTC.

[via Android Police]

  • The 2772 score was mine, thank you.

    • Nexus S of 1.4 ghz, score of 3480 blows this away.

      • Ok great.. Thats a nexus s… this is a thunderbolt. Nexus S just has faster I/O writes, not CPU cycles. so.. big deal…

  • xguntherc

    Ive scores over 2700 on my MyTouch4G at 1.5 GHz and CM7.. and u can trust me. Lol

  • Jak Crow

    Who would want to overclock the CPU on this already pathetic battery lifed phone?

    • A Dour Sort

      waaaaa…waaaaaaaa…*sniff sniff* We get it. Battery life isn’t optimal. Move on to another subject…you sound like such a child.

  • That’s great considering it has only a single core processor!!,,

    • Luke

      My battery lasts for 15 hours with a lot of use….

  • aim1126

    My g2 overclocked to 1.8 has hit 3000 on quadrant.

  • Nofan

    Pointless..for a device you are actually going to use its like driving a Bugatti as a daily drive 20 miles in each direction…..let me dumb it down, your phone will overheat or battery won’t last you long enough to do the simple task. Your car will be out of gas before you can reach the destination. But you will get to that stopping point extremely fast.

    • Its just to point out that it can be overclocked that high. I doubt anyone really runs at 1.8Ghz (even tho we have a 2.01Ghz kernel now). Its just for show, proof of concept, etc. Not for real world use.

      Let me dumb it down.. Haters gon’ hate.