HTC tells us the “One” series can make all the difference

March 30, 2012

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So far for 2012 the HTC One series of smartphones looks to be near the top of most peoples purchase list, that or the Galaxy S III of course. With the One series starting to finally break cover this week, and being available as soon as Monday around the world it's about to make a big entrance. We loved it at MWC and surely will love it once it's available in the US. Today HTC has released a nice ad spot, but it doesn't show the phone much.

This heartfelt commercial is aiming to give everyone that little personal touch from HTC. It tells us that One can make all the difference, and that HTC has listened to its users and the One X is all about us. To be honest I'd have to agree. The phone is awesome in almost every way, and they've toned down the effects and crazy parts of Sense UI to give users an overall awesome experience.

[youtube 8yMuu2QG9ss]

The commercial is a little soft hearted, and doesn't show much for smartphone hardware. They do however want to get the point across that they aren't worried about the phone. They don't think they need to brag it up because "we" the users will love it, and share our thoughts and recommendations with family and friends. Pretty interesting way to advertise but we'll take it. In case you didn't see the videos of the One X from yesterday check out the links below and stay tuned as we'll have tons more on the One X right here at Android Community soon.

[device id=2318]

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  • tommy

    HTC lost their credibility with me. The Amaze 4G is probably the shortest lived phone? (due for end of life and came out fall of last year?) anyway, it was kind of defective. Their OneX here no removable battery no sd card slot. will the audio recording sound like tinny too? lost their credibility with me. Come On, HTC, you can do better!

    • tommy

       they said it was gorilla glass and lied?

  • jaxzfon

    Im just glad I got the Amaze before the end of life, 3 months? I like the phone but sorry to say, that may be the last HTC I buy. Non removable battery, what were they thinking? Its not like out can go to the apple store and get a replacement on the we have to send it to taiwan, or just buy a new unit when the battery dumps? And what about that SD card? What are the thinking? We are Android users we need extra storage.
    The downward fall of HTC will continue until the have a major PR campaign announcing the removal of carrier IQ form all past and future handsets.

  • Stocklone

    I think this is the most excited I’ve been about an HTC phone since the Evo. As George said in The Mango: “I’m back, baby! I’m back!”