HTC announced a new phone for NEC today at MWC called the HTC Slim and it really looks to be a beautiful work of art. With a curved design and thin waistlin, the Slim runs on Android, with what looks like a Sense overlay. The three main buttons that are within easy reach of a single thumb thanks to it’s tapered bottom end.

The Slim was designed by Sylvain Gerber, and industrial designer who has created some impressive speaker designs for JBL. Gerber says that the phone is mostly for business use and has little in the way of media functions. Other than that, there’s little else to go on at this point.

NOTE: This phone is a concept, and not actually being released by HTC unless they see it and fall in love with it and call up Gerber and the phone to license it.

[via Concept Phones]

  • Which side do you talk into?

  • Anonymous

    if that is work of art.
    Art is out of business

  • Did they announce a new phone, or did they show off concept art? This just looks like fanciful concept art, much like many things they show that never hit the market. Doesn’t appear to be the actual announcement of an actual phone to me…

  • thats why htc always wins