The long-awaited update to Ice Cream Sandwich often brings a few teething troubles with it, and such is the case with T-Mobile’s HTC Sensation 4G. After the scheduled Android 4.0 update yesterday, some users found that their HSPA+ (“4G”) data wasn’t working, much to their display. Luckily, TmoNews discovered an easy work-around: head into the settings menu, tap “Network”, then switch it to WCDMA/GSM Auto. You should see the little “4G” icon reappear when in a coverage area.

T-Mobile should fix the issue the next time they have a maintenance update. Of course, a slight interruption in wireless service isn’t the only troubling thing about the Sensation ICS update: T-Mobile is also ending its grace period when it comes to “unauthorized” tethering. Rooted users who skirt around T-Mobile’s official, paid tethering solution will be blocked if detected after upgrading their phones.

The only other phone on T-Mobile that’s confirmed to get an Ice Cream Sandwich update is the HTC Amaze 4G, which may have similar issues on both counts. (Samsung says they’ll update the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S Blaze 4G, but T-Mobile’s been silent thus far.) Of course for both phones there’s plenty of custom ROM options, if you’re not particularly attached to your warranty.

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  • mac519

    got my ICS update today….so far so good!!! ended the white HTC screen problem i had

  • Joe

    8Yrs with these Mo Fo’s, & they just kicked me in the Damn Nuts.  I called these bastards last night to make sure that if I upgraded, my hotspot would be unaffected as it should be part of my plan.  The imbecile who I spoke to kept assuring me that my plan included hot spot & that I would have no problem after upgrading. 
    So what the F*** happens?  I upgrade & my god damn hot spot is gone!!!  I’ve been tethering for years & in on F’ing day it’s gone.  The Jack Offs kept apologizing, I had a supervisor come on & he apologized.  I told them I don’t give a flying F*** about an apology, I want my phone back the way it was.  They kept telling me it’s not possible & that the person who told me I could upgrade with no issues was wrong.  
    I kept telling them, that is not my problem!  They breached my service contract. There has been a fundamental change to my service, as it has been for years.  The imbecile offered 1mnth of tethering, then after $14.99mnth.  
    I told them that I will be contacting the NYS Attorney Generals Office!   They are in violation of something, there is no way they can get away with this. 
    Even I asked them if they have the records of the conversation with that personnel & they said yes.  Unless they erase that record that he told me, that I would be ok with upgrade; Tmo is the employer & they have to be held responsible for the actions of their employees. 
    I would have never upgraded to this buggy S**t, if i knew i would be losing my hotspot.  I need it for business daily. Now i’m Fu***D
    I am soooo damn LIVID!  And to think for years I touted how much I loved tmo, F**K Tmo. 
    Can this update be undone somehow? 

    • Quiles25580

      Report that something is wrong with your phone they will issue out a new one and it will come with the stock 2.3.4 that youbhad originally

  • Chinfisc

    Got ICS update, photo editor is not included?? I don’t understand why not

  • Rbt1

    I agree…TMO talks the talk but does not walk the walk.  The video chat on my sensation never did work and all I got was the run around.  “Try the Tango app” cust service told me…”this works.”   It never did work and the girl at the store told me “you must not have been in 4 or 3 g”…Bullshit.  The phone said 4 g right in the store when we tried it and the damn thing was still fucked up.  “The network must be really busy now…I’m sure it will work later.”  They are going to eat these 2 phones and give me something else or I am filing a complaint with the FTC and the local magistrate not to mention switching carriers and not giving TMO another cent.  5 years with them and this is what I get…what a piece of shit…I was better off with my old razr.

  • Nealda32

    Your tech specs show no FM Radio for the HTC Sensation 4G.  Actually, there is one because I do use it.  Does upgrading to ICS also loose that functionality?

  • Jumpman2339

    it won’t let me log into Facebook. what the hell.

  • Every time I hit the home button the phone basically act as if it’s loading up like I restarted it.. EVERY TIME!! Am I the only only encountering this issue?? I thought it was my SD card so I reformatted it and the same thing is happening.. Someone please help me.. I’m getting frustrated.. It’s been happening before the update but not as often, maybe every two weeks. I call T-mobile and they said if it’s not the SD care then the update would correct any issues..  That’s why I formatted the card today. I bought this 32gig card not even a month ago. HELP!!

    • Stiffany Oliva

      Dont worry.. me too -_- im getting frustrated.

    • Go to setting>develope option and scroll down and make sure the box next to “Don’t keep activities” is unchecked. this causing everything that is not currently on your screen to turn off including the htc sense i.e. your home screen. its great if you want to conserve battery but it sucks when you change screen because it does act as if it just rebooted.

      • bernie

        Thank you for your tip on unchecking this box. It has solved the problems i was having with the ics software and the phone being slow and menus not being available such as widgets and app shortcuts. Also the settings options for the weather and not being able to add people in contacts to groups.

    • SensationalONE

      move your apps to the phone memory..if the card is not @ least a class 4, it will have trouble.. unless you’re running a custom kernel..i recommend everyone to do 2 things with your sensations.. root and gain control of cpu and 2.. anker battery.. that alone will solve most of the mystery problems

    • barkway

      I get that too but not everytime, and seems to happen most often when using my Tweetcaster app to access twitter but when I hot the home button while tweetcaster is open, I get the event you are referring to. Frustrating. Takes a long time to return to functional status.

  • Luv2dancepandapanda

    Yeaaaa me toooooo i just had this phone for a year and this update is making me hate it , if i open a application and his the home button it’ll be like Yeaaaaaa i’m going to restart your cell it’ll take 15 seconds:( its a pain

  • Jamore

    This 4.0 update has so many bugs nest. the home screen loading and the widgets I’m so disappointed

    • Derek LaVone

       Did you try a factory reset? I had to do one and made the phone much better.

      • lez

        I wish I would’ve read this before I updated. can’t use my hotspot and I just paid a lot of money to have my laptop fixed so I could use it. and the loading of the home screen is so freaking annoying. this update fucking sucks!

      • teddy

        my wi fi is not working can anibody help me

      • Adilson

        mine too and i dont know what to do

  • snaphu2012

    It would have been nice if the update had not erased all my POP mail servers.
    Other than that, the update is an improvement. Screen orientation is faster and makes more sense. I like the frequently used task buttons. I never needed a giant phone button.
    I await the improved ICS apps.

  • mahina

    Mines didn’t work and I did the auto thing !

  • Rosie

    my internet has been quitting on itself -_- has anyone else had this problem and knows a fix? haven’t had much luck on google, other than that i love the update.

  • Um….how long is this update suppose to take to install???I waited for like 2 hours and all i had on my screen was an Exclamation point ( ! ) and a blue Android below it. I had to pull my battery out and re-boot. I did a factory reset and formatted my SD card……now its round 2 and I still got the ( ! ) and Blue Android below it……..buts its only been like 4 or 5 minutes now.

    • Zeeshan Sheikh

      same problem with my HTC sensation 4G ,… what should i do now ?

  • Kickinpwnr

    So far not worth
    the headache. I have had frequent phone crashes/restarts since my
    upgrade and I go through the battery way quicker. Then on top of that I went to use my mobile hotspot which I had
    been using on a regular basis, to find out they now want 15$ a month to
    use this service. The agent explained that the updated made it so the
    phone communicated the use of the hotspot to T-Mobile. I mean over all
    it is a new look and feel, but no substance to it that would warrant the
    need to upgrade NOW… However if you already found this out you
    should know to call T-Mobile and b*tch up a storm they drop the price to
    5$ a month and your grandfathered in so they can’t screw you any more
    on the hotspot.

  • Phil Beattie

    Hasn’t anyone else noticed that in the in-built ‘Gallery’ when using the
    Crop edit function, the ‘Cancel’, ‘Save’ buttons ARE IN THE WAY !!!
    Please fix this somehow HTC

  • marco petrolino

    i was so amped to get my htc amaze 4g – then it all went to c**p. the touch screen is non-responsive, the phone behaves as though it is being operated when no one is touching it, over of the buttons/keys don’t react when touched, i can’t text, and half the time i cant even turn it off unless i take out the battery. i am extremely frustrated and dissapointed.

    • Neeraj

      Did you get fix of this issue ? I am having same problem. Please let me resolution if you have

  • Adilson

    Since i’ve updated my cellphone is no longer detecting wireless… i dont know what to do, even where there is wireless available, it disconnects…

    • barkway

      I have same prob with wireless radio turning itself off after it finds a network & connects. For some reason I can’t explain, if I stop Google maps in Manage Applications, the wifi works and does not turn itself off. Seems it doesn’t like Google maps.

  • Mado

    since upgrading my HTC Sensation 4G and I had the wireless stopped and the data packet off…………..
    all other settings are amazing but what can I doooooooooooo????

  • babyloverjoss

    My htc sensation keeps saying i have no signal. Why.?.? I been living here for years and i never had a problem :// HELPPP

    • juaners

      My signal appears and disappears randomly and while I’m in the same place

  • Nestor de Castro

    I have to remove the battery from my HTC SENSATION phone and insert it again just to gain access to SD card. What seems to be the problem with my HTC phone

  • angel

    Wtf 15 dollars for WiFi they can go to hell I’m geting me a iPhone with sprint
    I payed four hundred dollars for this phone and it came with the WiFi now they wanna change it hell no!!

  • Nchima

    Okay im pissed off now. I just got a tmobile sensation 4g last week. I’ve been trying to update it get the OTA ICS update but i cant find that option on my phone. i wen to settings->about phone but there is no check for update option.
    What could the problem be? Could it be the fact that it is rooted, or that im not in usa, or some other stupid reason?

  • Nchima

    Okay im pissed off now. I just got a tmobile sensation 4g last week. I’ve been trying to update it get the OTA ICS update but i cant find that option on my phone. i wen to settings->about phone but there is no check for update option.
    What could the problem be? Could it be the fact that it is rooted, or that im not in usa, or some other stupid reason?

  • I’ve experienced several problems since updating like the ones mentioned below too (loss of network connection, long delays on homescreen, etc..). Anyone know if there are any plans to provide another update to resolve these issues any time soon?


    O M G.pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease heeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp

  • Now becoming very annoying. just updated my sensation 4g to ics and cant access my wireless in my own room. T Mobile, pls what are you doing about this and the other problems listed below and when is the new update coming