HTC Rhyme update coming soon to remove bloatware

February 26, 2013

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For all ten of you that still have and own the HTC Rhyme, today we've learned that the folks from HTC and Verizon are prepping a little software update for the Plum Purple smartphone. Those hopeful for some new features, an actual OS update, or anything fancy sadly we have bad news. This appears to only be a small update to squash some bugs, as well as remove junk.

The HTC Rhyme and that cute little charm that came included will have an update arriving within the next 24-48 hours if a recent update to Verizon's support page is accurate. The Rhyme will be updated to build number 2.20.605.13 and no, this is not Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Personally if the HTC Thunderbolt can handle it, the Rhyme can too. No such luck here though folks.

According to the Verizon Support PDF as you can see below, this update will mainly be focusing on removing a few of Verizon's old and outdated apps. Also known as bloatware that no one uses anyways. Verizon Music on demand, video on demand, as well as VCAST Video have all been removed in this update.


Basically you'll have less blatware apps taking up space, and wasting room in the app tray on your little pretty HTC Rhyme. As a side note, the Rhyme was promised an update to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich just like the Thunderbolt, but we doubt that will ever arrive. The Thunderbolt just got ICS a few weeks ago so who knows, maybe the Rhyme is up next. We'll report back if that ever happens.

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  • Carl Wouters

    ICS is already released… My girlfriend is running it on her HTC Rhyme, you just need to pick it up from the HTC site and install it manually (very easy).

  • kaelia

    I’m not able to update my HTC rhyme.. I can’t find the update on the site! Please help.