We’ve already seen HTC’s Verizon flagship Rezound get a leaked official Ice Cream Sandwich build, but it’s been so long that another is apparently ready as well. The latest Android 4.0 version is build 3.13.605.7, and the folks over at Android Police have hosted it for download. Unfortunately there are a few issues for would-be flashers: you’ll need a stock ROM and a locked bootloader or an S-OFF device. Those of you who used HTC’s official bootloader unlock will have to sit tight or find a ROM Update Utility (RUU).

There are numerous changes for this latest Ice Cream Sandwich build, though it’s still running the only slightly outdated Android 4.0.3. It includes a new kernel and new radios, though apparently the Rezound software is still a long way from completion. A few bugs noted already include random reboots, issues with the WiFi hotspot feature, a darkened camera in some apps, and problems with Exchange account verification.

The official update has been promised by both Verizon and HTC, but we’ve still got no definitive idea of when it’s coming. Best Buy played a cruel joke on Rezound owners when an internal document indicated that the Ice Cream Sandwich update was coming in April. This latest ROM may indicate that we’ll have to wait a while longer. According to a leaked Verizon document, Ice Cream Sandwich testing will end on May 9th.

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  • Jbomo3000

    If no update happens on may 9th to my rezound im hacking it it doesnt matter to me the phones already too old and its sad to have a flagship phone run an outdated software for this long

    • trob6969

      The rezound still has the best overall specs of any phone on the market.

      • Steve Haworth

        Damn right. The only problem is the battery life and charging because it is so powerful. I have to run a fan on the F***er just to keep it from overheating in use. (I use it in a desktop dock setup)

    • Squat223

       not really sure how out-dated it really is, most of the upgrades that 4.0 brings seem minor to me, and like trob says its still the best phone on the market, even with *outdated software*.

  • lightwalker03

    I spoke to a HTC Representative yesterday 05/02 and he confirmed the May 9th release date.  He did however add that the update will roll in batches and could take up to 22 days from the release date.