Another Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update has started from those folks at HTC. Today it looks like they’ve initiated the rollout of Jelly Bean for their popular HTC One XL for all those lucky owners. For now it appears that multiple regions in Asia have begun receiving the OTA update, and others will follow shortly.

It sounds like Singapore and Taiwan are among a few that started receiving the update last night, and we can expect a broader rollout in the coming days and weeks. HTC’s been rather slow with their updates to the regular HTC One X, so we can expect the same sort of timeframe for the XL. Either way, I’d be checking for updates if I had one. It’s about time the One X’s LTE brother received some Jelly Beans.

Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and Sense UI 4+ is what you’ll be greeted with after updating your One XL. Everything we’ve already seen from previous updates will be present. Users can enjoy Google Now voice search, improved and expanding notifications, project butter, a better camera (thanks to Sense) and a few other notable changes. They’ve improved power management, and of course there’s multiple bug fixes.

As usual the updated firmware is floating around on XDA for those wanting to take that route, or just check for updates yourself on the device and it should be arriving sometime soon for those rocking an HTC One XL in parts of Asia. If you’ve already received the update drop a comment below and let us know how it went. Stay tuned for more details on other regions.

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[via Android Police]

  • Alex King

    Give us some Jelly Bean love on the AT&T One X!!!!

    • NightHawk223

      If you have a AT&T One X probably best to root your phone on XDA or wait a couple of years for AT&T to roll the update out

  • habib

    any idea when the one x update will come for people in australia?

    • Got mine about a week ago. Philippines here but I got a German open line issue of the One X.

  • You know, if you clicked on the link, you can root your phone and stop waiting??? its really easy to do……

  • Henry Mantse

    Just got my Jelly Bean update on my One X. It’s not AT&T though so i don’t know if that’s different for you guys…but it’s really cool. Notification panel, power saver option, sense UI…:D

    • Does HTC Sync Manager open for you every time you plug your One X to your computer?

  • S.Ahluwalia

    one xl is for at&t then y are the spec’s for htc one x int version given ??

  • Penguinn214

    Just received my update yesterday. Was rather pleased! The phone really speed up quite a fair bit. And it’s faster than before even when in power saving mode! Worth the long wait!