HTC has done a great job this year with their new smartphone line in the One series. Particularly their flagship HTC One X. It’s one excellent phone but for some there seems to be a few problems that simply couldn’t be ignored. Reports of Wi-Fi connectivity issues have been reported more than a few times, and today HTC’s released a statement.

The HTC One X seems to be having a hard time connecting or staying connected to a WiFi connection, and HTC even pushed a quick update a few weeks back to try and combat the issue. Apparently the issue is actually a hardware defect, which poses a big problem for those who already own the device. According to reports by Android Central HTC has confirmed this is in fact a “hardware issue” and they’ve also come up with a fix.

We’ve been hearing users from XDA and other forums mention squeezing the phone or applying pressure to get a better connection to WiFi and HTC has apparently confirmed that. Stating that they have, “identified a fix that strengthens the area of the phone around the WiFi antennae connection points.” Basically confirming this is a hardware problem, and that the antenna pins aren’t getting good enough contact. HTC later went on to say they’ve “taken immediate steps to implement a solution in our production process to prevent this issue from happening in the future,” but for those who already own the phone are out of luck. Hopefully they’ll be allowing exchanges.

HTC states this is a limited issue that is only effecting a small number of users, but we don’t know the full extent. How is your HTC One X WiFi connectivity? Are you suffering from these problems? Let us know in the comments below and we’ll be sure and report back if HTC releases additional details.

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  • JoshuaHudson

    I had issues after a month or so of owning the phone, i sent it back to Amazon to receive a replacement from the same month batch (HT23) but the replacement has not yet had any issues! fingers crossed this one is okay!

  • Dhyan Raj

    I bought one X on the first day from AT&T and had wi fi problems. I heard about the software fix, but wanted to come it from HTC officially. But nothing came from them in 30 days, so i returned it. At & T charged me $35 restocking fee, but thanks to Amex they waived off that with their 90 days purchase protection feature. I will switch to Galaxy 3, since no one has reported any problem with that after almost a month use in UK.

  • Anurag Dalmia

    I have the HT23 batch and have this issue…i hope HTC will allow me to swap it or a new phone….or get it repaired

  • I have an HT24 batch White One X and have never had the dreaded WiFi issue. So far so good!! :>)

  • GrammarPolice

    Affecting vs Effecting
    HTC states this is a limited issue that is only affecting a small number of users, but we don’t know the full extent.

  • HTC has said this only affects the Tegra 3 version (int) and not the AT&T model..

  • Ralph

    Have reported this issue several times @ HTC and provider for over 5 weeks but still got the phone here.
    Will wait to see what HTC will really do about it. Repair is out of the question if you ask me. Want a new one

  • Being a former iphone 4 owner, I decided to get the one x because it was the first good looking android phone I’ve seen. Plus I wanted to give android a chance since I was really getting sick of apple. The iphone is a beautiful phone but it is too vulnerable to breakage and quite restrictive to use.

    I had my one x for ten days before I returned it to Radio Shack. I really loved the phone but I managed to rack up only 350 mb of wifi data while the 4GLTE racked up over 4 gb!– most of it at home where I have perfectly good wi-fi. Luckily I still have unlimited data through AT&T so I didnt really care. I figured the problem would be resolved soon.
    However, three software updates did not fix the issue and the battery seemed to be draining faster than normal. I had no choice but to take it back because at that point I figured it was a hardware issue. I will wait for the new batch being assembled under the “new production process” before repurchasing it. In the meantime I will have to make do with a throwaway phone because I already sold my old iphone4. I hate not having a smartphone for the time being but from my experience with the one x in the short time I had it it will be a worthwhile wait indeed.

  • craig0r

    Your specs are a little off. The One X(L) does have FM radio and NFC.

  • CH4:D

    Haven’t noticed this issue on my phone. Of course, it naturally drops connection when i get a bar or less. Other than that I had no problems.

  • dharam kapadia

    I have one x and I have lots of problems with the WiFi and.other issues as well and I wish HTC comes with a fix soon

  • jiraya

    my one Tegra x 3 is the perfect wifi. Never had any problems.

  • ChrisP

    I received this phone from amazon on 6/19/12 as a replacement for an iphone 4. I am having the problem described above. Basically, if I am more than about 10 feet away from the AP in my home the connection starts to drop constantly. I called both amazon and HTC. Thankfully amazon is a decent company and is going to allow me to exchange the phone within 30 days. HTC would not admit this was a known issue. The HTC rep made me go through the whole reset “router”. etc. before she told me my two options were to return the device or send it in for repair. I should also note that the HTC rep used the terms computer and router interchangebly. This is really disappointing because I really like the phone. It has a lot of great features.

  • N Morris

    I just got a one x and am a HTC fan having previously owned a sensation xl & desire hd. My desire hd developed a problem and HTC collected it & repaired / returned within 1 week which was impressive. I was disappointed when I called them 2 Amy’s ago to discuss my wifi issues. 1st they disputed it saying it was my router & that having 2 routers in 1 location would cause this problem of the signal constantly dropping. I then pointed out the widespread chatter about their being a hardware problem which the gentleman then refuted. I then pointed out that this had been confirmed by HTC that day and he finally agreed to collect & repair. This customer service experience has made me question my decision to stick with HTC. I am also disappointed that the relevant checks were not done at the initial design / production of this new model ?

  • …and the Amaze 4G. Since the ICS update, no Wi-Fi.

    • UPDATE: Got my Amaze back after two trips to their repair facility in Houston for a total of 8 weeks, or should I say a refurbished Amaze, not the new one I sent in. I’m selling it on ebay as used in mint condition as I type this.
      HTC has made a Samsung (or Nokia) customer out of me FOR LIFE!

  • Clive

    My HTC One X worked for a couple of weeks… then the recently dreaded wifi problem reared its ugly head. After scouting around forums it was clear that this was a hardware issue involving the antenna. I contacted Orange, who basically said they didn’t have any knowledge of this problem, to which I told them to google it. They blamed the number of devices connecting to my router, insisted on me calling their extortionate £1.53/min landline number (as I dont have another orange phone to hand) and other things. I now have a PEG on the top of the phone between the camera and power button.. not a cool look.
    I just hope HTC have the decency to replace/fix my handset.
    Having said that, the phone is otherwise fantastic.


    actually i very like the HTC ONE the model…like the style….but i heard the WIFI some got problem..some no problem….i scare if i buy then the WIFI problem still it the WIFI problem only for 1st batch only..????


    can give some comments…???

  • beano

    i have this problem, push the back top of the device and wifi reception picks up to 75-100%. i think HTC have got a BIG problem with this. My device is being sent of tomorrow for a repair by vodafone, so ill report back on what happens………… not getting my hopes up for a fix though !

  • I’ve been having this issues. At first when I got the phone and they continued through after the update.

  • I’ve had mine (AT&T) now for two days – and I have a wifi issue. Watching signal strength with a wifi meter app side by side with my old LG G2x, the HTC is consistently 10-15dbm weaker. Further, I’m seeing screwy power fluctuations on the HTC that I’m not seeing on my old LG. Also have other wifi connectivity issues with the HTC (even when it IS successfully connected to my network) — unable to sync both SplashID and CompanionLink (for Outlook) – it simply won’t connect… yet the LG connects just fine, configured identically (except for different IP addresses). Further, seems to go thru periods of “won’t stay connected” for no apparent reason – 30 ft. straight unobstructed shot to the WAP – which the LG stays solidly connected. Just got off the phone with AT&T… taking the HTC back to the store for replacement today.

  • andy

    My HTC One X has major issues with wifi reception. Even though it har been “repaired” once by HTC. HTC customer service has not been helpful at all even though they have accknowledge this as a design problem.

    Do not buy this phone, its not worth taking the risk. Go for HTC One S or Samsung SIII instead.

    NO MORE HTC. (not for their products which have served me well for almost 10 years, but for their customer service when things go wrong)

  • Mark

    Received my HTC one X from Vodafone 2 weeks ago, linked straight to my business broadband for two days, now refuses to connect, vodafone denied any issues and referred me to vodafone shop, funnily it picked up their cloud wifi but no others, again they said my wifi at home must be weak, hmmm worked 3 floors up originally now nothing even when within 2 feet. Told vodafone they need to replace the handset, awaiting a call……

  • I just bought my phone a few weeks back and the wifi issue is killing me. I think that I will be taking it back to where I bought it tomorrow to see what can be done about this problem cause this is ridiculous. I stood right next to my wireless router and it still wouldn’t pick up sayin it had a poor signal but everything else in my house was working with no problems. I gotta get this fixed!!!!

  • Tom Dauria

    I’ve had my one x for about a month and a half. Noticed that when I come home it doesn’t connect to my wifi. I have to toggle the wifi off then back on and then it connects. Also if I am streaming music and walk out of the building it stops working. Again when streaming music I often find myself with no data connection. Not sure if that is the phone or AT&T but walking through the same areas I never had a problem with my iphone or samsung focus windows phone. I’m going to see if I can get a replacement. Wishing the replacement could be a samsung galaxy III 🙂

  • Tom Dauria

    Or maybe I don’t have a bad phone because the signal strength seems fine when it’s working. Perhaps the not connecting and having issues streaming music while transitioning from wifi to cell network is just perpetual beta android being beta android 🙂

  • Andy

    I have had this issue with both my first and my second replacement One X, also both have had problems with flickering screens when displaying grey colours. The first phone had the very weak connection from the outset and the second one took 3 weeks to develop, fault reported again to network, refused to replace phone for a 3rd time, sent out a prepaid envelope, sent back to me claiming the problem was fixed after 2 weeks, when I tried to connect it couldn’t even find my wireless router even though my much cheaper Samsung Galaxy Ace and Blackberry Curve both displayed 4 bars of strength. being sent back again for repairs. I would have previously rated HTC very highly as my first smartphone the HTC Desire was fantastic quality and a brilliant phone. I am very disappointed in this phone and if I could swap it for the Samsung I would in a heartbeat.

  • Had this phone had WiFi fault sent back to HTC phone sent back not fixed and damaged and It’s taken them 2 weeks now to sort out what they are doing about the damage and I still have no WiFi even tho I moved the router downstairs might get rid n try the LG 4x

  • Johnny Laguna

    Don’t know if this will help anyone but I picked up a One X last Saturday and was having terrible fluctuations in the wireless signal, It would flip around between poor and excellent and sometimes disappear entirely. I discovered a very simple fix — I simply have to hold the phone so that my hand doesn’t cover the upper third of the body. If I keep it free the signal registers Excellent. If I cover it, it drops to Fair at best, often Poor or no signal at all. Could be that a different One X wouldn’t have this problem, but it’s not inconvenient so I’m not going to bother with a replacement. It’s a great phone.

  • I have a strong WiFi signal and full bars, yet the phone still will not connect to the internet. This is extremely frustrating as I just switched over from the iphone 4 and was really excited about having a nice phone on the android network. I may be switching back to the iphone after 3 weeks of this problem

  • kryptoman

    Hi I have this problem , but the thing is ive unlocked n rooted, n never did a back up of the stock rom , I know stupid just one mad rush to install rom , so I’m not sure if there is anything I can do?

  • I’ve been having terrible.issues with my.WiFi on my HTC One X! Bought a few months ago online, not sure I can get anything done…?

  • Karl Hamburg

    You’ll never guess what kind of connection I’m not using to look at this on my One X…
    Anyway, as of 10 mins ago, mine seems to display the actual connection signal when I’m not connected, but when I try to connect I lose all signal and the attempt fails.

  • daveyboysmith

    I have had issues with my WiFi ever since i got the phone. I can be sat les than 10ft from my router & my phone struggles for connection & switches to the mobile internet instead.


    I have a HTC One X and I have been in touch with HTC who want £25 to inspect the phone even BEFORE they repair it!!!!! Only had the phone a few weeks and this is disgraceful. I have tried soft reset, hard reset both the phone and the router. no joy. even after HTC have acknowledged the problem…….. should of stayed with my old moto defy HATE THIS PHONE AND HTC CUSTOMER SERVICE

  • Callam

    I can never use my wifi connection for anything other than a pretty icon at the top of my screen…

  • tanner

    my htc one x has horrible phone service and wifi its horrible i wish they would send those “SMALL amount of people ” new phones to make them happ. this is my first android and ie never had a problem before with any other phones , prolly my last if they dont fix it.

  • Hm, i haven’t experienced this problem… but then again, i’m not using Wi-Fi – i’m on AT&T’s 4G LTE network (data speeds are wonderful here in Dallas). This phone is an engineering feat; i rely on it daily for my career as a graphic designer.

    • BarbaraSmith111

      Get out of my head! I do the same exact thing here in Austin. I used to be on 2G but moved all the way up to 4G (yes, AT&T) and am amazed!!! My graphics fly.

  • Was not impressed with the volume on my last HTC INSPIRE but figured I would give them another try. Nothing but problems with connecting to the internet and there does not seem to be much help from them…..NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY AN HTC PRODUCT !!!

  • Keaton

    Just got the phone yesterday and I’ve had the wifi issue since day1, love the phone but if i have to reset the phone 10 times every day is not worth it.

  • shal233

    I bought HTC One X after going through lot of reviews. The phone’s good. But the Wi-fi connectivity isn’t great. In spite of our campus having good Wi-fi network, I do not get continuous connectivity. Another problem I am having is that when I receive calls on HTC One X (when it locked), I have only one option – Decline! I do not know what to do about this? This is very irritating. I cannot afford another one! any suggestions?

  • jason burford

    I’ve had my HTC one x for 3 weeks now and for some reason its stopped connecting to my home WiFi. ,I’ve tryed everything but no joy , back to the 02 shop me thinks 🙁

  • Pat Reid

    Yes having trouble with connection to internet. Both my partner and me have the same phone HTC oneX and both give the same problem – connection time out. Have set up accounts with Google Wallet, Google Play etc but can’t get connection through our phones

  • ch

    Unfortunately i do have the WiFi problem also. Still now it isn’t working properly. The phone is 2 months old. In the first few weeks i did not get this issue or i did not recognize it. 🙁

  • chris

    i have had my htc one x for about 2 months now and i have yet to have a problem with the wifi. i have a BALLISTIC® case on my phone. that could be giving it the “squeezing” effect HTC was talking about. all the smart phones i have ever owned have been HTC Androids and this is by far the best

  • Sheila Harris

    I have been having the same issues since purchasing this phone. I switched from an iPhone…starting to wish I had kept it.j

  • Fuad Zeqiri

    im having a hell of a problems , by now i have sent my hox 2 times on the service center once i had back and from t mobile said it has no problems then i came home tested it again the same nothing changes , now i have sent it again and waiting for replecament . if i squeze the backside of the phone ii get full bars but no internet anyway i thought first i have a problem with the wlan modem on my home so i havent checked that one out so first i have to get my phone then the modem but it sucks ive payed 500 euro to get it and it cae DOA dead on arrivel .. so much dissapointed from htc :/ ive had sensation it was hell of a good phone beside the battery lifespan…

  • Rob

    To start with the Wifi was excellent always connected, never dropped out. perfect, but over time it will find my home wifi but won’t connect and even if it does the connection is so week it drops

  • Mel

    Yes, yesterday wifi stopped completely and now cannot get wifi to work at all.

  • I had my htc one x for 3 week now.
    and now I having trouble with my wifi connection.
    If I squeze the frontside of the phone i get full bars.

  • I have my phone for almost 3 weeks, now I having trouble with my wifi connection. Few days ago my wifi suddenly losses signal.
    I´m standing next to my wireless router and the signal loss is way too much
    and, If I squeze the frontside of the phone i get full bars.

  • OneX_annoyed

    My signal strength sucks and I lose my connection all the time. just got the phone a few weeks ago so hopefully I can exchange it.

  • OneX_annoyed

    My signal strength sucks and I lose my connection all the time. just got the phone a few weeks ago so hopefully I can exchange it.

  • Yvonne Riggs

    I just bought this phone on Friday. I noticed all day that the wifi was low and not connecting very well. At first I thought it was ATT 4G but no improve since I returned to Dallas today. So after some research I see it is an hardware issue. Glad I found out now because I will be returning my phone tomorrow. Everytime I get an HTC phone I end up with unexpected problems. HTC has cool looking concepts but they need to spend more time making sure the product is fully functional. My last HTC phone I had to exchange 7 times with Sprint. Sprint finally let me out of my contract because of it. Get it together HTC. I hope to one day have happy, full experience of your devices and technology.

  • boohoo

    Actually, it was the opposite for me. Mine had much better wifi connection compared to my old desire hd. However, it fell face down yesterday and the connection has been horrible! 🙁

  • enyl

    ya me too having such problems ,,,, not only tat even the data connectivity also very bad,

  • jaycee4u

    I had purchased HTC one x recently and was extremely excited why it. But am extremely disappointed with this WiFi problem. Initially I thought it was the WiFi routers problem but later got to know that it was device antenna problem. once they admit that is a hardware problem, I hope they would replace it.

  • I bought a HTC oneX on 30th jun 2012 in sangeetha in BTM layout Bangalore. Within 38 days, there was a black streak in the display. My friend bought another from same store a month later. Now when he displays phonelist, the last portion of the display looks like some one has erased a portion with erasor.

    When i went to HTC co service centre they said it will take 10 days but another authorised service centre will do it quickly. I later realised they do it to cheat customers coz the pvt centre called after 4 days n said the display problem is not covered in warranty n i hav to pay Rs 6300! When i refused they gave me service help line. These guys are not only useless but unproffessional. They committed to get free correction within two days but after two weeks am still stuck! Not just that, After one week they called to say the phone is ready. when i go there, the defect is not only there still but increased. When i call back help line they say actually they are still waiting for approval n dont know who infomed me that phone is ready. Two days ago they called to tell that they can give me 50% discount on repair! I said go ahead and i will claim it back later. today they call and say they can give only 40%!! I wanted to speak to manager as to why they going bak on their earlier offer? They said he will call bck in 5 min. No call for two hours. When i call back again i am on hold for 10 min n they hang up!

    I made a complaint on their website n sent mail to their service email id. i get one automated reply!


    MY HTC HANDSET NO SH25MW101071 ESCALATION NO C2012009157501

  • fortworth tx

    i have had this phone for a month and i love it. i have no issues with it and my wifi is perfect. :)))


    you get all . . . JUICYYYYYYYY

  • wtf this is stupid

  • htc one x

    the wifi connection is really low. i’m about 5m from my wifi source and the phone can’t detect any wifi source. i hope htc come up with a solution to this to satisfy the actual user of htc one x.

  • chapman

    i am having problems, i have 4/4 bars of wifi and standing right next to source. but my phone still won’t let me access the internet happened 2 weeks after i got the phone

  • monfabs

    Got wifi problems too. It shows full signal. But the connection is on and off and slow. Hope HTC will do somehing here. God bless.

  • dully

    i have got the same problem of wifi and in the first week it worked well then later on it doesn’t catch any wifi single at all , i just send it to the shop thy told me it takes 2 days ..hope thy will satisfy there customers

  • Daniel

    My old phone (Desire HD) have no problem connecting to our wifi at my room, but my current (One X) does 🙁

  • K.

    Just got my phone about a week and a half ago and already having WiFi connectivity issues. Getting it replaced today. Hopefully the replacement phone won’t have this problem either.

  • Shashi

    Yes, I have issue with wifi. I took this mobile in Jul 2012. I have to be very close to WiFi router for it to work. I changed my wifi setting to 802.11g and 802.11n and still the same. Very week signal on my phone and some time it disconnect from wifi and connects to mobile Data network.

  • Ahmed

    i regret buying it cuz i need signal and wifi a lot and it sucks at that side, but its great in other sides 🙁

  • Amir Riaz

    My HTC one X just doesn’t connect to the WIFI at home any more.. that is if I am standing 5-10 steps away from router. However all the other electronic gadgets, pick up a very excellent WIFI signal and HTC shows no connectivity at all. Even the WIFI Icon disappears from the bar…. this started happening recently all of the sudden, but it used to work fine in the beginning…..

  • sinthya

    My HTC one X wifi doesn’t work, the wifi it show full but i just cant use it.. uhhhhfff And its been a week.

  • zack

    yes im having the same problem too! If i want to use wifi I have to go exactly near the router!

    • Bob Bell

      I disconnect my wifi on the phone then reconnect it and it’s ok after that. Even though earlier it was ok and then I went out and used the T Mobile signal, and when I came back I got no signal on wifi. Disconnected and reconnected and all ok.

  • Morph

    my wife and I have the One X. My phone receives a terrible wifi signal an can lose bars even in the same room as the wifi router, but my wifes identical phone on identiocal setting has a great wifi signal. In other rooms of my house I get no signal at all while my wifes Phone has a minimum of 2 wifi bars everywhere. When I squeeze the screen near the top right side, near the volume control the signal can jump 2 or 3 bars. I called my provider Vodafone and they asked me to contact HTC to run a software update. I’m not holding out much hope…

  • Daniel G. Rodriguez

    Yesterday my HTC One X wifi stopped working. There is nothing wrong with the wireless router itself as other devices are connecting to it so its defiantly my phone.
    What do I do?

  • Zingster

    Mine shows 3 bars tops and reaches “good” signal strength at best, even when I’m right by the router. The thing is, though, it works fine. Even when I show 2 or less for no apparent reason, my speed and range seem like they should. It’s almost like it’s just the readout that’s wrong. This has been my experience, anyway.

  • lots of problems with wifi I have pretty much disabled wifi it is so bad

  • lots of problems with wifi I have pretty much disabled wifi it is so bad

  • oAdrenaline

    I am also having problems connecting to wifi, if I input the wep key, it will continuously read as Authenticating… then will retry a few seconds later.

  • Get the S3

    WiFi dropped out from new. My partner has the S3 and it has connectivity way way past the limit of the One X. I can drop off after moving 20 feet from my WiFi access point. Went to Optus to see what can be done and they want to send it away for 3 weeks plus! They wont/cant provide me with a comparable phone. Its Bull! It obviously isn’t fit for purpose but rather than give me a new phone they want to “assess” it for 3 to 4 weeks at my expense! 2 years contract as well! Any legal help is appreciated. Would get out of contract if poss and go to Telstra with the 4G One XL.

  • glen

    I seem to only be able to connect to my wi fi straight after I reset my virgin super hub, I have a lot of other wi fi devices but is just the phone that has any trouble.
    personally I think that as HTC know this is a hardware fault that should offer a straigh exchange no questions asked

  • megshok

    Same here i have wifi antenna problem u need to get closer to wifi router ro get full signal but this problem it didnt came with the directly but after using it couple of months it change so i detected that here is a wifi problem…

  • smoking kils

    Just bought one x today.. and u know what???? ;'(

  • lee

    Not just wifi….problems with speaker and freezing

  • Mahaan

    Hai every one and the issue is really right hope that HTC people Will Call for a callback for people who really have a geniune problem in connecting to the wi fi

  • Mahaan

    Hai every one and the issue is really right hope that HTC people Will Call for a callback for people who really have a geniune problem in connecting to the wi fi

  • Mahaan

    Hai every one and the issue is really right hope that HTC people Will Call for a callback for people who really have a geniune problem in connecting to the wi fi

  • Scott

    I also had a problem with my HTC Wifi connection. I applied a squeezing on the phone for a temporary remedy until I can find the solution. Has HTC announce on how to get this resolve? Let me know please, I am very frustrated when I bought this phone.

  • Scott

    I also had a problem with my HTC Wifi connection. I applied a squeezing on the phone for a temporary remedy until I can find the solution. Has HTC announce on how to get this resolve? Let me know please, I am very frustrated when I bought this phone.

  • Htc sucks

    I hate this phone. This is the forth one I’ve had since June. Sure theyve been replacing it for free, but it isn’t worth the hassle. My fourth one cannot connect to wifi at all so I’m going to have to get it replaced again. Never again will I buy an htc.

  • Rajnish Kumar

    I have problems with connectivity too. Signal is too weak even in close proximity of wireless modem. When most of the other phones show 4 bars, mine shows just one. I wish HTC service centers can offer support if there is a fix.

  • Rajnish Kumar

    I have problems with connectivity too. Signal is too weak even in close proximity of wireless modem. When most of the other phones show 4 bars, mine shows just one. I wish HTC service centers can offer support if there is a fix.


    Htc i am having this problem…plz help me…

  • Ali

    Yes, I have also problems with wifi connection, and when I am pushing between camera and volume button it is changing but only for a while. Can You help me how I should solve this problem ?
    I bought this phone in Holland. Please answer me on my e-mail :

  • Reg

    HTC one X is just one FX$% phone I ever had…useless!!! After 6 months…I cant even make any call or use the internet..unless i switch it off and restart..totally a useless crappy piece of junk!!!

  • ken

    my wife has sensation and her wifi is far better than my one x.. i love my one x but wifi always disconnect and very poor in reception..

  • Julie Carere

    YesI have been having issues connecting to Wifi, even very close to the router. I also now have a whole row of numbers that don’t work, it’s the mid-section of the phone that doesn’t respond to touch now.

  • tannertaylor

    I am also having problems with the WiFi.

  • Rdn16

    I bought one in July 1 2012,after 3 weeks every time I hit the top button to shut the screen off it would always reboot itself,went back,they gave new a new one…three weeks after that,the bottom buttons stopped working,couldn’t close the page,go back to previous page,so I brought it back.They didn’t give me a new one,they sent it to the manufacture to fix it.after a couple weeks I received the phone back,four weeks later…the battery doesn’t charge!! Now they are sending me another one….I’m selling this garbage! Seriously,stay away from the crap!!

  • srila

    i got my htc one x 3 days back n i have trouble with connection to internet especially the playstore..i tried it with both mobile network and full signal strength wi-fi but of no use!!!

  • Helen

    I can connect to WiFi no problem but when it does connect it kills my data connection or phone connection to the network. This means I’m forced to talk on spotty wifi calling if I have to make a call or choose to turn the wifi off. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • smurf

    my wi-fi has been playing up since i done the upgrade now everytime i am away from the wi-fi it turns off and then won’t reconnect it is really getting on my nerves as have only had it since 6 months

  • terry

    I have the HTC one x, I have the same problem with wifi, the problem is the connection to the phone internal connectors whilch loose contact overtime with the use of the phone, this is manufacturers fault, its very unlikely you will solve this problem, the best advise I can give is don’t buy the one x, if you have one return it and ask for a refund.

  • viktoria londo

    I have just couple a days ago, started having this issue. Contacted HTC today, and was told.its not hardware but might be something I installed ???? Joking right?? When they know that or if they yet don’t should be updating their staff on it…. Really upset with this issue, I will be contacting them again, I don’t want exchange or a new one, I just want this fixed!!!! Thank you for confirming this issue.

  • maria

    hello, i have a htc one x and i have serious problems with the wifi, mobile phone network and gps signals. i only own this smartphone for 2 months and i am really disappointed because i read on profile sites that htc confirmed that it is a hardware issue. i spent a lot of money on this phone and now i have to take it to a service center after only two months of use…:(((

  • matthieu

    When I try to connect to a WiFi access point, it just tries and tries to connect but to no avail and it doesnt ever work now. It’s getting really frustrating.

  • Syikin A.R.

    Was thinking a while back, was I the only one facing this problem?? The problem started to occur last week, and man, I did everything I could (ie. restarting router and all) but still the same man. I managed to get the internet in via USB “Internet Pass-through” function. Wired ala RJ-45.

  • nick

    Hi there,

    found this forum because I have that exct problem. purchased my HTC One X a few months ago and everything was amazing. recently though the WiFi seems to be. lot weaker than when I first for the phone. enough for me to notice. my wife just got the little brother HTC Desire X and her WiFi connection is perfect.

    please could you advise me om what to do to get this sorted.

    thanks, Nick

  • Ash

    Having WiFi problems with my one x also, full bar reception but no internet connectivity Didn’t know about this problem until now, wish I did, I went out 2 days ago and bought a new $200 router cause I thought that was the problem.

  • phillip from Australia

    yep, had phone 1 month & wifi crap also the micro processor just behind screen gets very very hot. Hot enough too burn my thigh through my pants. crap phone

  • Minas

    WOW this whole time I thought it was my modem. This is a great phone but it sucks that something so vital is faulty. I don’t have a big data plan and do rely on my wifi to download most of my programs/updates. They definitely should be offering exchanges. Leaving a faulty product like that out there without a recall is unacceptable. Please reply to me if you know of any exchange policies?

  • Julian

    my phone can’t even get a signal unless I’m in my back room lying down 3 ft. from the floor. tried different apps to give my phone a boost but to no evail. my old phone ZTE Warp gets better signal. Don’t make me switch back. it has a cracked screen for Christ sakes!

  • Disappointed Canuck

    WiFi problem actually gets worse. I now need to be right next to my router. HTC won’t do anything about it. So I’m out of luck but a little wiser.

  • Steve

    yeah im having the same problem and also my 3g doesn’t work at all it was fine for about 4 monthsand then it just stoped working

  • Ahmed

    I have the same problem in my One x 🙁

  • Vanessa

    Hello everyone I have had the same wifi connection issues. I went on youtube and searched “wifi problem connections with htc one x” and many videos came up telling you how to fix it. You basically have to add pressure to the back of the phone. One video said to put a coin on the back of the phone with a case so the coin can stay and this supposedly gives you internet connection! Search youtube! 🙂

  • Esra232

    I have got my HTC one X back in two months. i love my device and the wifi used to work PERFECTLY fine. but all of a sudden i’m now suffering from the wifi problem, my phone won’t connect to my home wifi and that just leave me frustrated >.<

  • Dirk

    I have had a few disconnects, but seemingly nothing more than standard WiFi gripes. However, I have this persistent issue with my AR Drone which also connects wirelessly to the phone; at random times it disconnects, forcing it to land itself. Sometimes onto trees! Extremely annoying and hazardous.

  • cricket

    yes! one x bought September 12 couldn’t stay connected to wi-fi. we almost bought a new router! that phone died 11/10 and new one x is not having those wi-fi issues… yet.

  • I have serious issues with wifi connectivity. Resetting does not work and I have contacted HTC support. I am hoping they will replace the handset as it is less than a year old

  • Tuba

    Just started having wifi connectivity issues have to restart and connect

  • woodcutter..

    My goodness.. traded my xtc one in for the 3rd time… thanks for extra problem I really did not need….! Great job to the manufacturing company.. my kid could probably build something as reliable!!!

  • dabdel

    I have an HTC Inspire that gets terrible internet reception in certain rooms of my house. All other devices, i.e., PC, iPod, TV, get great reception. Is this a problem with HTCs in general?

  • Anon

    I’m having wifi connection problems, my modem is literally in the hallway beside my room and before connecting it appears as having full bars, but upon trying to connect it goes down to 0 bars and sometimes even says not in range and I haven’t been able to connect once

  • ..

    Got one phone with the issue, then got a replacement phone that had the same issue… Got tired of having to contact their support so opened up the phone, bent the wifi-connector pins up 0.2-0.3mm and reassembled… Perfect connectivity after a 5 minute job so cant complain….

    Not for the faint of harted or the ones that want to keep their warranty..

  • Joe G.

    My phone doesn’t connect to networks even though i have full bars, and doesn’t even scan for new networks. i’ve had it for one week.

  • nikosss

    I have serious WiFi problem…and its very disappointing when you buy a phone of this price

  • s.

    I have a constant problem with my wifi, it will shut off in the middle of a page or YouTube video and flash as if it were connected then disappear again. I got this phone two days ago and am not willing to go out and get another!

  • Zandman

    Just found out why i was having crappy WiFi signal. If i apply correct and hard pressure in the correct spot i go from one dot to full signal. And I actually cursed the jelly bean update that i had a week ago.

  • Piers Francis

    Yes having this exact problem! Bring on Christmas and my Google Nexus 7 🙂

  • Raul

    I had no issues at the beginning with wi fi connection but after a few months of use is getting worse and worse. I love my HTC One X but this problem is bothering me a lot.

  • Hayden Knapps

    this is happening with my HTC on x will say it’s connecting & then just stop. keeps trying but fails everytime. my phone is just acting terrible now, & it was just fine yesterday

  • bareman

    I have had the one x for a few months now, not once I have been able to connect this device to wifi. it a shame for a great phone like this to have such issue

  • steo

    i thought this was the coolest phone out there until i realized i can not multitask…i work on 2G plus wifi issues is sooo annoying i barely stay on wifi for more than 1min…is there a solution to this ????

    • lal

      Same problem first HTC one X and it will be the last such a waste of money and product HTC is no longer a mobile product for me useless

  • Yes. My WiFi works and the desktop computer works, but the HTC One X says there’s no WiFi connection. How can I fix this?

  • also having issues connecting to the internet with my husbands HTC phone. there will be a strong single but then it say limeted or no access

  • Christian Wagner

    Got my One X in the end of september, and since I’m from Denmark, it’s the European (=international?) version. I didn’t notice any problem the first month or so, but since then it seems to have gotten worse. Applying pressure to certain points on the back of the phone does indeed boost signal strength.

  • fabio

    The problem I got is I have to be within a 2-3m radius of my router for it to connect which is a massive problem when out n about. I thought maybe it had a few to many knocks but seems to be more people having this issue. I hope theres a solution.

  • Im having wifi issues with my one x it wont detect networks even when right next to the modem,our home wifi works perfectly with our other wifi device but is not detected on the one x it comes up as out of range as does every other close wifi connection to our house. The phone is still under warranty is it possible for me to get a replacement under the warranty

  • Brian Hurst

    Hi I have had my HTC one X for about 6 months and lately have become more and more aware that the phone drops its connection almost hourly, I have it set to tell me with a bleep and sometimes there are 9 or 10 messages telling me this has happened. Do you know what HtC are planning to do for existing users.

    Brian Hurst , Devon Uk

  • Yep, have the problem too. I hope HTC respond appropriately by replacing it.

  • Val

    Same here, 🙁

  • Linda

    I never use my wifi anymore due to the problem that I have full strength on my wifi but the phone says no Internet connection.. I only have this problem with the HTC One X.

  • Mario Raspudic

    I suffered this issue yesterday. Only one bar, 3 meters from wifi router.

  • I get a very low signals on my htc one x. even if I am near o my wifi device. how can I make it fix???

  • Natalie

    I have One X+ that is ten days old. It is always telling me I have no wifi connection. I have had one sim card replaced and it is now giving me a sim card error again. I am very disappointed. I upgraded from an HTC Inspire which I loved. I will be trading this phone in for the Galaxy III this evening before my 14 days is up.

  • siva

    Hi all, I got my HTC 1x from starhub Singapore, nearing 1year now having trouble in Mic and speakers while making calls… Is their a solution for this??

  • Sébastien Carreau

    Yep i’m one of the lucky few apparently… not able to connect to my home network … Full bars but no connection.

  • not impressed

    im on my second htc one phone. neither one will connect to our wi-fi. if they know theres a problem why are they still selling them.this is my first smartphone and im not to impressed.

  • Goutham

    Guys do htc one x+ also have the same wi-fi issue ?

  • Goutham

    Guys,do htc one x+ have the same wi-fi problems ?

  • Tricie

    I’ve just started having connectivity problems, the phone is fairly new and I find this very frustrating

  • mahesh sood

    please do something .. From last two months having wifi problem in phone. I unable to connect my phone through wifi..

  • Harry

    Have had my phone for just under 1 year now. I got this problem 2 weeks ago and contacted htc. They said to put into safe mode to check it is actually the phone and some other things, once I have done a factory reset and if I doesn’t work then, they say they will replace my phone

  • heidi

    I have also had this problem only a few weeks. My phone was fine until it did an ” at&t update”, now it won’t connect to wi-fi at home or work. Not happy at all.

  • Gerard-Carol Terrell

    This is my third phone from att. No WiFi for days then I may have it for an hour. NOT HAPPY! Eating up my data because I can’t use WiFi. G.T.

  • abdul

    my htc one vx have a same issue my phone show no wifi connection even wifi option is on n m in pakistan n m out of my wifi bcuz of whatever problem is in htc one vx m do on activity on internet n m v unhappy on my decision of buying htc one vx htc plz do something for ur good customers also
    in pakistan

  • Jade

    Wifi playin up doesn’t stay connected for longer than a couple of mins using partners phone it’s a joke!

  • ahtserhs

    my htc one x which a few mins before is showing and connect to my home wireless network is not showing and cannot be connected to any network…….i have been trying to solve this problem but everything seems to be useless…can any one help me….?????????????????

  • moonshadow

    So far no problems with WiFi connecting but can’t keep regular internet connection. It comes & goes randomly. I don’t have WiFi at my work but need the internet to process debit & credit payments & lately it has not been working about half the time. We have done numerous factory resets & prl updates but it’s still the same. My son got this same phone the same night & his is fine.

  • goukiman

    Four days out with my new HTC One and I am deciding that I’m done with HTC. The WiFi has been spotty since startup and troubles keep plaguing my phone.
    The Evo was the best phone I’ve ever had, the Evo LTE was next to useless, and now the One keeps dumping data, corrupting files, and won’t stay connected to WiFi.

  • Agnieszka

    I’ve been experiencing the problem with both WIFI and network connection since yesterday. It detects WIFI for a second, connects for a split second and then disconnects. I can’t connect to mobile data network either. Switching the phone off doesn’t help. Nohing happened to the phone.

  • steph

    I also have this problem. Only started about a week or so ago. Its killing me!

  • dan

    My issue, purchased one x from friend after he upgraded, reset phone to factory default, even standing next to router, won’t. Pickup WiFi . It will receive hotspot from my blackberry that I am replacing , but won’t pick up my network. Frustrated batman for sure!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Tracey

    I have not been able to use my WiFi since November 2012 -ish .. it is now Aug 2013. I have since given up all hope 🙁

  • nanxunra

    It keeps insisting my password for my wifi is incorrect to the point I began to doubt myself. But of course, all my other machines can read the password perfectly well. So I am still out of luck.

  • Sdj

    My son’s phone will not connect to the AT&T network. This has caused him not to receive or make phone calls. His wifi works because he is connected to home network.

  • Poooh

    Have had no problems so far, but with the latest firmware update it seems, that all Wifi-connec tivity has been lost.
    Nothing works, no even pressing between the camera and volume control. Could it still be a hardware issue??

  • redhead rn

    I am too having issues with connecting to the internet and its driving me crazy.

  • Emily Wan

    Same problem with HTC ONE SV recently purchased. Driving me crazy.

  • jykelly

    The dropping of WI-FI connection seems to have become more pronounced since I installed the latest HTC Sense 5 upgrade. I have confirmed that this is hardware fault by squeezing the top right-hand corner following which the WI-FI immediately improves. i bought my HTC One X on contract from Tesco so I may opt for an exchange.

  • Amit khurana

    Its just 4 months for HTC One X+.

    All of sudden, last one week having issues with internet. Getting Notifications from internet apps. But unable to surf and download things. All nuts things are going at same time.

  • s

    Since the last software update I’ve started having this problem and it’s really starting to pee me off not to mention consuming my 3g allowance grrrrr

  • leon potgieter

    since updating my one x which is a year old now the wifi connection is pathetic, when connected it keeps timming out and my signal never rises above 1 bar even when standing righ next to the router where as my samsung s3 mini has amazing wifi range, HTC please make a fix as i love this phone

  • Hay

    I have the VX and everday I have issues with connecting to the WiFi and the only thing that helps is restarting my phone every time… NOT happy with this purchase.

  • Courtney

    I have the htc one x and the wifi connection won’t work and I need to know how to fix it?

  • yellowfelin

    I’m also having problems with the connectivity to wifi, seriously annoying

  • Asyraaf

    I can’t connect to my WiFi modem. Pls help me

  • Kev Robinson

    I’m having a problem staying connected to my Wi-Fi, it is disgusting that they will not change the phone as it isn’t the users fault or careless handling. 500 quid down the drain and will be going with Samsung in future.

  • kb7373

    I too have been getting Limited Access connectivity on my HP PC when trying to connect to my new HTC One (Sprint). For the past THREE years I’ve had NO problem connecting to my HTC EVO. Been on the phone for hours with Sprint, was sent into a Sprint store, and they told me I have to go to Geek Squad, as they suspect it is my laptop. I’ve spent at least 7 hours trying to get this resolved already (not to mention the time spent trying to find an answer online here somewhere) and am mad as hell.

  • Kimmy Gibb

    I’ve been having problems, finally an article that explains what I have been going through. It’s gone from limited access to not connecting at all…tried everything, resetting WiFi…turning phone on and off…but I get nothing. Can’t wait to get a Samsung!!

  • Anas Singularity

    same problem with my HTC One X+, which i had bought 1 month back…its really annoying n disappointing !!

  • Turan

    same problem with HTC ONE S. is not keep on wifi conecction. annoying !….

  • ttthunder

    having problems with cell service stating that there is no service, you have to reboot the phone and service comes back.few hours later you have the same problem and fix is to reboot

  • Syed

    hi all
    i am using htc 1 x , 64 gb
    which actually is AT&T contracted cell
    its wifi works only when i remove the sim card off the cell
    which is quite annoying
    since im using this cell in pakistan and we havent got at&t here in our country, and the problem starts when i want to use wifi.

    is there any solution
    please you can mail the reply over my email

  • Ceasar Piña

    Same here, I got the htc one x, 32gb, and yes, Im frustrated, I love android better than apple, but with this kinds of problems, I don’t know anymore, mine got all kinds of errors. first, not even detects my wifi, the one I got in my house, a few minutes later, when the wifi appears on the screen, I click on it, put my password and keeps telling me that the password its not the correct one, I tought it had something to do with my router but I got a few more divices connected and I don’t have any wifi problem with none of them. totally disappointed with htc one,

  • Anonymous_89

    HTC one with the same issue. All i have to do is rest my finger on the right corner to disconnect from the wifi or almost kill the connection. Using the device vertically or hortizontally is a pain. Internet speed tests shows that if the wifi connection is still there, it barely exists.

    Send the phone to HTC for repairs, they send one back with the same problem and additionally the camera now has a purple hue at low light conditions. Resending the phone now.

  • dragonpops

    htc , good or bad, xbox 360 had an inherent problem , they fixed ever one.
    htc , no whats going on , but your not goodenth for them to do the same.

    brings to mind , only fools and horse, . where the fools .
    you all payed how much. mine was given to me . i know wy know

  • tochy

    I am having serious problem with my WiFi hotspot for HTC zone +, what can l do to fix this problem

  • Sharry

    My issu resolved with a simple trick just enable disable you mobile data connection.then enable wifi issue resolved 😉 enjoying now

  • hendra

    Yes I also got the problem with WiFi connection, so I use mobile data connection, and disabled the WiFi connection.

  • LACS

    yup i also have that kind of problem on my HTC ONE, Im having difficulty on staying on the wifi that im connected and its difficult for my phone to connect to a wifi.

  • Husky711

    My HTC One will not turn on Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. I try turning on Wi-Fi and it simply says “Error” after a couple of minutes. I try turning on Bluetooth and it resorts to “Off” after about 5 seconds. HTC Support had zero answers.

  • zaman

    My HTC one vx not scan wifi

  • Manu

    My wifi wont turn on at all. When i click on the button it just grays out and stays off, No Wifi

  • livy

    Mine was fine, but it fell all the way down the stairs a couple of days ago and the WiFi is either on the lowest bar, or it cuts out and starts using data :s Not sure if it’s because I dropped it down the stairs or not but it is like it with every WiFi I connect to!

  • Marsha Rios

    I have lost connection to internet via WiFi work home everywhere also no 4g!. I turned on my WiFi hotspot for my phone to connect ! Will have to call support any suggestions
    I have had this phone replaced once still has similar issues horrible phone HTC one m8

  • Kami Leigh Douglas

    My HTC One X will not stay connected for more then a fee minutes if that for neither my homr wi-fi or through my provider its horrible and I think if HTC cares about there consumers (us) then anyone who like myself who has a phone with there defect should be able to send the phone to HTC and HTC should replace it at no charge with either the same model phone or the next model up people buy cell phones expecting them to work perfect and instead we get crapped on for buying the phone gee thanks