HTC One X headed for Virgin Mobile in Australia

March 15, 2012

Sometimes our friends down under get unfairly left out of the news as far as the latest and greatest hardware goes. Fear not, Australians: HTC hasn't forgotten about you, and neither has Ausdroid. They spotted the HTC One X hanging out a Virgin Mobile web page. (Not to be confused with the US version of Virgin Mobile, a budget no-contract network - in Australia it's more like AT&T or Verizon.) While there's no release date beyond "early April", the One X is free with a two-year contract on a $59 plan or higher.

Australia's LTE network is still in its infancy, so they're getting the full Tegra 3 quad-core version of the HTC One X. Other specs like the massive 4.7-inch 720p screen, 1GB of RAM, 32GB of storage and the Ice Cream Sandwich/Sense UI 4.0 combination make it one of the most anticipated phones out there at the moment. The One X will also be headed to Optus, with the One XL (the LTE/Snapdragon S4 version) headed to Telstra, so Australians will have plenty of carrier choices when the phone finally arrives.

That's 200% more choices than we'll have here in the States. AT&T is the only carrier confirmed to get the One X so far, and it'll be the Qualcomm variant (though it isn't getting the "XL" moniker). While the One S and One V are headed to a handful of other carriers,  the options for the One series as a whole are depressingly narrow. The UK and Europe are set to see all three phones in April, and the US and Australia should follow shortly.

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