As it turns, the ‘Senseless Edition’ HTC One was real. In fact, Google has officially announced the handset and it will be available towards the end of June. They are referring to this model as the HTC One, done “the Google way.” By that, they are referring to the Nexus like experience that users will get. Or in simpler terms, they are releasing an HTC One without the Sense user interface.

More than that, this also means the handset will see an update path similar to that of the other Nexus devices — including the recently announced Google Edition GALAXY S 4. Putting that aside for a moment, the HTC One will be priced at $599 and available from the Google Play Store beginning on June 26th. The handset will be running Android 4.2.2 at launch and arrive unlocked and with support for T-Mobile or AT&T.

In a statement provided by HTC, we have learned the handset will have support for the UltraPixel camera. The full statement is as follows;

“A special edition of the new HTC One running stock Android will be exclusively available through the Google Play store in the United States starting on June 26th.  This edition pairs the all-metal unibody design, low-light capabilities of the UltraPixel camera and dual front-facing stereo speakers of the new HTC One with the stock version of the latest Android software, Jelly Bean 4.2.2.”


Otherwise, aside from this newly announced HTC One and the GALAXY S 4, Sundar Pichai has said that Google intends to continue making Nexus devices. Nothing specific in terms of future models, however it looks like we will be seeing more to come in the future. For now, those who are considering the HTC One — mark your calendars for June 26th and start setting aside some cash.

SOURCE: Google+, HTC

  • Mc-Taz

    Cash has already been set aside. The clock is ticking, Motorola. Time to put out some details or be left behind.

  • Jealous Brit! >:-[]

    Why just the US?? i’m in the UK .. we want stock android just as much as anyone else!

  • Azaraith

    Yay! I’ve got the developer version already and I’m assuming (hoping) that this means there will be a ROM for the rest of us if we want it.

  • faugusztin

    Why now, HTC & Google, why ? I have my European HTC One for exactly one week now :(… My only hope is that it will be possible to flash the stock Nexus ROM later and it will receive OTA updates.

  • DJ_suMo8

    Is that a red Phase Beam

    • why yes, yes it is. New LWP in 4.3?

      • DJ_suMo8

        I hope so … hope it’s not device specific to the One

  • How cool it is. I can’t wait to try