We have some excellent news this Friday evening to share with you guys. It appears that not just a few, but multiple AT&T stores across the U.S. appear to be a bit confused about the release date and are selling the HTC One today. Yes the HTC First officially goes on sale today, but we're getting multiple reports that stores are freely offering the flagship HTC One.

Basically today is HTC and Facebook's big day with the HTC First smartphone - the first Facebook Phone - and Facebook Home both becoming available today. Luckily for us the memo might have been a bit confusing because AT&T stores are also offering up and allowing people to purchase the HTC One right this moment.

So why is this a big deal you ask? The HTC One is arguably the best Android smartphone on the planet at the moment, and we've been loving both the international and AT&T 4G LTE models in our reviews. This device from AT&T isn't supposed to be available until April 19th. So this is a little over a week early. Hurrah! Did you pre-order one?

We're getting scattered reports that users who pre-ordered have actually walked into their local shop and there was more than a few available and on display. Then went home with a shiny new HTC One. After a few delays the devices release date ended up a little later than expected, but it looks like multiple stores have some in stock and are willing to sell them as we speak. Give it a try or call your local shop. Let us know how it goes in the comments below.

-- Thanks T-Boy and MacK

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  • exciting news, i have to wait until the 16th to get mine, did you ask for your free hdmi box?

    • don’t count on it… i pre ordered the first day you could and they were “sold out” of the media link. Also, the coupon code for the free case didn’t work. Leave it to the masterminds at ATT and HTC’s marketing dept to fcuk up this badly.

      • Fuck SacBee & All Assholes

        I noticed that HTC’s $100 trade in has disappeared too.

      • tomatoman1

        How ya doin’ buddy?

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        Get a room you two!!

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        BIOYA Dipwad!

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      • whoa.. that escalated quickly

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        Why, yes. Yes it did. Guess we shouldn’t have gone off-topic. :=)

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        Eat dirt.

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        Doin’ okay Mater, hows the family, gettin’ any bigger?

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        2 babies due at the end of the year!

      • Congrats!! Grands or great-grands?

      • tomatoman1

        Great grandkids.

  • Keith Andrews

    I checked att’s site to pre-order and also noticed the htc media link was sold out sui I waited a couple of days and checked the site again and low and behold it was back in stock. Glad I waited.

  • Chris

    What is going on with t mobile???? Announce something already!!!

  • Scooter

    Got mine last night in Atlanta

    • Bryan

      Which store location did you go to?

  • wow, awesome. I have waited for too long

  • You’d think AT&T would have something on their wireless home page about the One. But if you go to att.com/wireless, there is nothing at all about it.