HTC began accepting pre-orders for the Developer Edition of the One earlier in the month. Those originally began on April 5 and at that time, the estimated shipping date was shown to be April 19. Flash forward till today, which happens to be the 19th and it looks like users have begun receiving notices from HTC. The catch, these are not shipping notices.

Instead, those who placed a pre-order for the HTC One back in early-April are being greeted with a notice of delay. According to details coming from the email, HTC is claiming there will be a “slight delay” in shipping. This includes the 64GB Developer Edition model as well as the 32GB Unlocked model.

The silver lining here is the length of the delay. HTC went on to say these are still expected to arrive “before the end of April” and that when ready to ship, they will be coming by way of overnight delivery. And what seems like a move to keep the users from getting upset, HTC went on to mention how they plan to do everything they can to get the handset shipped “as soon as possible.”

In addition to the delay of the Unlocked and Developer Editions of the HTC One, there is also going to be a delay with those free cases. Here, HTC is citing “overwhelming demand” with an expectation of the Double Dib cases arriving in mid-May. Those cases are also said to be shipping “as soon as they’re available.”

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  • HTC Who?

    htc one delay What the hell is going on over at HTC?? I ordered April 5th and now this??? And they wonder why profits are low… The CEO said he would step down if the phone isn’t a hit. So far it looks like he’s going to be looking for a new job. Do they know how to count over there? How can a company so big have such a MAJOR screw up like this? I’m going to cancel and just wait for the S4. It’ll probably be out before the HTC One which should be called the “HTC When?” HTC who? Never heard of that.. ORDER CANCELED!!!!

  • Mutare

    Hey, I have Sprint and received my pre-ordered HTC One on April 19, even though I’d received the warning about a possible delay. Just want to say that this phone is AMAZING. Fastest performance I’ve ever experienced with a smartphone. Beautiful graphics, great sound, cool camera, lots of memory and comes with 23GB of free integrated Dropbox storage. I’ve spent the weekend tricking out the phone and falling in love with it. Even the audio on the phone is so nice. The size is perfect – it’s light and not too big, but the screen is clear and large. Be patient – it’s worth waiting for! 🙂

  • saahilio

    I ordered mine on the 20th – 32GB unlocked and it said it was in stock. Just checked right now and it still says its in stock. If that’s a lie and I get an email on Monday saying there is going to be a delay, I’m cancelling.