When it comes to device protection we basically have two sides, those who go all out and those who prefer to stick with the bare phone and hope for the best. Speaking personally, I have been on both sides, but I have also been on the side of scratching my display and since then — I come to realize that spending a few bucks to protect a few hundred dollar smartphone sounds like a good idea.

That being the case, we recently spent some hands-on time checking out the Spigen SGP Ultra Crystal Steinheil screen protector for the HTC One. With this, those few bucks are actually $13.99 and the good news is this protector is available for sale at this very moment. Simply put, those picking up an HTC One now have an option to consider from day one.


This one is touted as being an “enhanced optical hard coated film.” More to the point here, what you will be getting is a single sheet of hard coated 4H that protects your display. The application process is simple and to the point and nicely, without the need of a special spray. Just peel and stick and you are protected.

In terms of use once the screen protector is on, there isn’t really any noticeable difference. The display still reacts and looks just as good as it did prior to applying the protector, Basically, this is just one of the many quality products from Spigen SGP. Aside from the screen protector, those looking for a bit more HTC One related coverage should head into the Story Timeline below the image gallery.

  • bitflung

    meh. i’d rather just treat my phone well. anything stuck on the exterior just makes it feel cheap and crappy. if you’re going to put screen protectors on the device, the oems might as well stop using gorilla glass. and if you’re going to wrap the phone in protective rubber they might as well stop bothering to make the phones light and slim and by all means they should use cheaper materials without any concern for how pleasant they are to hold.

    i’ve dropped a device from time to time, it happens. still won’t convince me to put any kind of protection on my phones. not since the days of resistive touchscreens and hard plastic styli anyways (and then only so repetitive touch actions don’t wear unevenly on the screen surface).

    i prefer the slick feel of glass under my finger and the slim tactile feel of aluminum, glass, poly or some other high quality material for the body. and no, i also won’t cover my couch in plastic sheets just because i have a dog.

  • Besides that funky double dip case from HTC, i wonder how case makers are going to design their cases to protect the front facing speakers…