In case you guys didn’t know, the HTC One is a pretty impressive device. The companies new flagship smartphone is drawing a lot of demand and interest from consumers around the globe, and apparently in the US buyers are pretty excited too. According to HTC, the initial interest for the One is the highest of any device they’ve ever released. Which has HTC pretty excited.

HTC went on to confirm that while it’s available in some regions already, and will be hitting more next week, here in the US the amount of devices pre-ordered has already passed “several hundred thousand” and is growing by the day. The release date is still aiming for late April, and hopefully they can hit that mark and at least launch before the GALAXY S 4 hits the streets. As that was likely their original plan.

Pointed out by Phandroid, Jason Mackenzie, HTC president for global sales and marketing states that the reaction from consumers has been fantastic, and that they’re poised for a big launch. Mackenzie went on to apologize for the delay of the handset, but assures us the wait will be well worth it. Who agrees?

It’s also being reported that orders are being filled, and HTC is currently busy manufacturing the handset at record numbers. As well as busy arranging delivery dates with its U.S. carrier and retail partners. This means we should be hearing official details, release dates, and pricing from T-Mobile, AT&T, and other US carriers soon. That’s good news. Hopefully soon you can enjoy the One on the new T-Mobile 4G LTE network detailed today.

[via FocusTaiwan]

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  • I have received my device two days ago. This device is so beautiful and powerful. I was an iPhone user – not anymore.

    • Captain_Doug

      What phone would you compare it too in relation to size? I’m worried I’ll find it too big for normal one handed use.

      • I would compare it to galaxy s3, but that just in terms of size.

      • Captain_Doug


      • Captain see our GS 4 vs HTC One post?

      • Captain_Doug

        Truthfully I’ve been ignoring anything with GS4 in the title. I’ll check it out though.

      • Captain_Doug

        Checked it out. Good stuff. I think I just need to do some hands on stuff. I gotta ask, what phone do you use on a daily basis?

  • Xavier Spruill

    To HTC, how not to botch this. DON’T release a HTC ONE v2, two days from now. DON’T release a HTC ONE XS, exclusive to certain carriers. DON’T release a HTC ONE XLR, with a slightly larger screen to compete with itself. DON’T release a HTC ONE Shelby Cobra Edition. DON’T release a budget HTC ONE third-world edition. Instead put the full remaining force of HTC behind this “one” model. Compose a marketing campaign to rival Apple’s IPhone & Samsung’s GS3. Support it with updates until it hurts. Train your customer service department to coddle anyone who has the slightest of issues. And for the love of gawd ADVERTISE until everyone asking about it. And MAYBE, just maybe you’ll see this thing through with Peter Chou still at the helm.

    • gdgtgk

      very well said.

    • Eli Kennedy

      I would love to see it happen because I think they make great phones but making the best product doesn’t add up to success these days. I don’t think they will get the message about marketing.

  • Eli Kennedy

    HTC need to release a plastic version (cheaper to manufacture quickly) with micro SD slot, removable battery and completely unlocked boot loader and open sourced sense. They need to cal it the HTC HD3.