HTC One (M7) gets Sense 6.0 update now

May 18, 2014

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Rolling out a bit ahead of schedule, some owners of last year's HTC One are now receiving their promised Sense 6.0 update. While it doesn't exactly bring the older device up to the same level of functionality as the the HTC One M8, it does come pretty close to it.

Of course, not all features will be treated equally. Like a good number of the new camera features that require a dual camera that the HTC One M7 simply doesn't have. Other than that, users will get to enjoy other improvements that Sense 6.0 will bring, such as a revamped Blinkfeed, improved Zoe video features, and the new Motion Launch gestures.

This practically puts the HTC One M7 on the same level as the newly announced HTC One mini 2, though the older, and larger, HTC One still has a few advantages over the newer mini smartphone, like a slightly faster CPU. Software-wise, however, the experience should practically be the same. Head on over to our initial hands-on with the smartphone to see what's in store and be sure to be on the look out when we dive in for our in-depth review.

HTC's software updates page marks the Sense 6.0 process as completed for the T-Mobile HTC One M7 and both the Unlocked and the Developer editions of the smartphone. If the update has not yet reached your device, fret not as it usually takes a few days or so for the update to roll out to everyone.

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  • BlueBoy03

    Are there on screen buttons? Doubling up with the capacitive buttons?

  • steve4421

    I just got the update but now I only have 4 rows of icons, any ideas on how to get back to 5?

  • Its about time for M7 to get another update. I hope sense 6.0 update have some camera quality enhancements.

    • mike

      why the heck arent you asleep yet? it’s late!!

  • No-Comment

    who says that the Motion Launch Gesture is included in the M7 Sense 6 updates? I just did it yesterday and found out nothing… Frankly, I am really annoyed by turning on the device every now and then…