For those who missed all of the excitement this morning, HTC just announced their brand new smartphone for 2013 that will be arriving on multiple carriers throughout the world. The new HTC One is their flagship product, and is powered by the absolute latest 1.7 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 600 series processor from Qualcomm. Since we haven’t seen benchmarks of that processor yet, and the One is brand new, check out the device blasting to the top spot scoring over 12,000 in Quadrant.

Yes you read that right. The HTC One scored 12,400 in Quadrant, blasting to the top spot with the highest score we’ve seen to date on a stock smartphone. Don’t forget that this is also pre-production software and will probably be even better, and more polished come release date in mid March. Since we love benchmarks, we snagged one quickly of both Quadrant and Sunspider for your enjoyment.

Just for a little comparison. Last years HTC One X with the last-gen 1.5 GHz dual-core scored in the 4,500 range. Then the latest Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core in the LG Optimus G and Nexus 4 barely breaks 7,000. Even NVIDIA’s latest Tegra 3 quad-core overclocked to highly unstable speeds barely broke the 8,000 barrier — which was impressive and unseen before a few months ago.

So the new HTC One and Qualcomm’s extremely impressive Snapdragon 600 nearly triples the performance from their last generation smartphone. I/O is an important part of benchmarks, and here it’s clearly through the freaking roof. Well, basically everything is through the roof. Can you say King of the Hill! Qualcomm has an even faster Snapdragon 800 series coming this fall, but for the first half of the year this new Snapdragon 600 series looks to do some serious damage. Just as we mentioned above, it looks like the HTC One and Snapdragon 600 has just set the bar — and set it pretty high.

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  • Captain_Doug

    So awesome. Especially with the quoted increased in battery efficiency. Can’t wait to get my hands on a new snapdragon phone.

    • Right. I can’t wait to see that 800 working magic. This thing is nuts

      • Captain_Doug

        If you still can, you should do some graphic benchmarks. The 600 was supposed to have an accelerated 320. Not sure if the rumor came true.

      • Too late. did all we could.

      • Captain_Doug

        Thanks anyway. Are you excited or disappointed with how it’s turned out?

      • Excited.. for sure. I’d love a larger battery, but not overly concerned

      • Captain_Doug

        The buttons aren’t turning you off?

      • well.. I have mixed feelings with that to be honest. might as well enjoy all the screen real estate, but then again on-screen is nice in JB.

      • Captain_Doug

        True but I was referring to the lack of the multi-task button. Seems pointless not to include it.

      • treypoundz

        Multi task button is on the home button. Its just like the nexus if u ever used it. The option button will be at the top corner or botton of each app. Nothing has really changed here. Just new to some

      • Captain_Doug

        It is not like the nexus ui…. you have to double tap the home button for multi-task and long press for search. Nexus has a dedicated multi-task.

  • Marten

    Xperia Z scores around 8100 on Quadrant

    • Captain_Doug

      Not bad at all. Definitely not 12000 though.

  • Brian P

    WOW!!!!! Of course Verizon will sit this “One” out just like they did with the Samsung Galaxy S “2”…(pun intended) Damn Verizon

  • It’s over 9000!!!!!

  • treypoundz

    Doesnt need the muti task button. If u hold the home button it will show open previous apps. N the option will be on the top or bottom corner just like they do on the nexus devices

  • The Optimus G speed around 7500 in quadrant. Which still puts this insanely high.. Was expecting the 600 to be powerful, but not THIS powerful!!!
    Anyways the LG Optimus G Pro is available in market this week, and I’m guessing the first phone well see with the Snapdragon 800 will be the Optimus G2.. Though if we follow recent trends, HTC shouldn’t be too far behind in getting an 800 device out..