If you’re a fan of HTC‘s phones, you might want to stop reading now. The Taiwanese company’s total revenue dropped by over four hundred million dollar equivalent in November, from NT$44,114 billion down to NT$ 30.942 billion in a single month. The news comes after HTC had already slashed predictions for the quarter and indicated flat growth – now even those figures seem a little optimistic, despite new launches like the Rezound, Vivid and Sensation XL. HTC did not supply a reason for the downturn.

In addition to to slumping sales, HTC’s facing looming legal troubles. A patent troll won a case against HTC in Germany based on 3G technology patents, and the manufacturer faces a possible import ban on all their devices in that country. HTC’s hopes for patent secuirty were dashed when S3 Graphics, a prospective acquisition, lost its patent case against Apple. S3 still has three more cases to try against the litigation-happy iDevice manufacturer. HTC’s woes aren’t helped by a recent acquisition spree, in which the company invested in Beats Audio, kid-friendly developer Zoodles and video game streaming provider OnLive.

All that said, HTC is looking forward to a better performance in Q1 of 2012. Executives have hinted at new flagship devices that will allow them to compete toe-to-toe with the likes of Samsung and Apple. These will almost certainly include the leaked HTC Edge and Ville smartphones, and likely at least one new tablet, all running Ice Cream Sandwich. We’ll see if the company can rise out of the late-year doldrums, and leverage its #1 spot in the US smartphone market.

[via SlashGear]

  • They made a bad name for themselves with the “Blunderbolt”

  • DUTCH in Atlanta

    And I would imagine that the numbers will drop even further as a result of the CarrierIQ Spyware scandal!

  • 305buddyluv

    That happened cause they’re not releasing devices comparable to the samsungs galaxy s 2 devices. Plus, no sensation XL in the us. And no power house devices live they did with the HD2. They really gonna hate the numbers if Samsung decide to release the galaxy note in the us.