HTC Jetstream gets permanent root and CWM recovery

December 30, 2011

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Make no mistake: the HTC Jetstream is an awesome 10-inch tablet. And it might have a considerable following at this point, if it weren't for the fact that AT&T's insane pricing on the thing. Still, its hardware charms have given it more than a few fans, who will no doubt be happy to hear that it's finally been rooted. ClockworkMod Recovery, the most popular custom recovery for Android at the moment, has been successfully installed. Custom ROMs for the high-end 4G tablet can't be far behind.

The options aren't perfect just yet; ClockworkMod's Nandroid backup system currently doesn't have access to the boot or recovery partitions, though modder and XDA user DooMLoRD (slayer of a thousand grammar textbooks) says that he's working on it. Rooting the tablet is easy: just download a .bat file, connect the tablet with USB debugging and activate the file. Bingo bango, root access. To install the custom recovery, you'll need to enter the bootloader then use the standard Android fastboot application to flash the new files. Pretty standard stuff for experienced Android modders, but newbies should use caution.

There's been a lot of activity in the HTC modding scene as of late, thanks to the Taiwanese manufacturer delivering on its promise to offer unlockable bootloaders on all new models. Even phones and tablets on traditionally locked-down carriers AT&T and Verizon are supported, though their specific devices may not make it into's documentation. Remember, always back up, check your MD5 sums and kiss your warranty goodbye.

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  • I would put my Acer Tab A500 and anything else I could muster on eBay right this minute in order to raise funds to buy one of these bad boys. You are right, AT&T pricing + plan is out of control. One or the other must give in order to make it palatable consideration.

  • Spell check isn’t for everyone, I guess.