HTC hits Samsung with a Galaxy S5 band-aid joke

June 24, 2014

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Phone manufacturers often poke fun at the competition. We've seen plenty from all the big players, however it looks like HTC has become the latest to jump in with an attack. HTC has taken to Twitter in an effort to push the One (M8) above the Galaxy S5. But the catch is -- HTC didn't actually mention the Samsung device by name.

Instead they have fallen back to what now seems to be an older Galaxy S5 joke. The HTC tweet included the image you see sitting above with the following message;

"One of these things is not like the other."


Of course, the band-aids are to represent the Galaxy S5. As you see above, there is some truth to the message, as the back of the Galaxy S5 does have some resemblance to a band-aid. But in an interesting twist -- the HTC tweet has attracted fans and defenders for both companies. Naturally there were plenty of tweets offering praise to HTC, but there were also some on the other side of the fence.

A reply coming from Philip Berne even brought a bit of dialog. Berne asked if the band-aids were "for when the heavy, slippery phone falls out of your hand and breaks." That triggered a reply from Jeff Gordon (from HTC) who said the "awesome Dot View case and HTC Advantage screen replacement solve that." Gordon then concluded by saying how the "bandaids are to cover bad design."

All in all, this is just the latest competition bash from HTC. As we mentioned, this is nothing new, but at the same time -- these types of messages are somewhat fun to see. Now we are left wondering whether Samsung will fire back at HTC and the One (M8).

SOURCE: Twitter @HTC

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  • Abhijeet Mishra

    What HTC doesn’t say is that their apparently shiny and premium metal is hell for ergonomics and requires a case if you intend to be carefree while using your device and not always worrying about it. Got the M8, and while I like the phone, it’s so slippery I simply do not use it without a case, and really don’t see anything premium about it, as the slippery nature overrides whatever its build might feel like.

    • BMOGamer

      Premium is it’s design. Construction. It has nothing to do with cases. It being slippery in your opinion cant change that. Yet this device can handle drops unlock others in the market. Stop crying and get a bumper case with grips on the side. You wont have to hide that design or feel and it won’t slip out your hands. Also use less lotion

  • dandroid13

    More like sales proportion. LOL

  • John

    I can’t wait until this dumb company goes bankrupt.

    • woofa

      Seriously, wtf do you care? Are they harming you? Oh, you don’t like competition. Well that competition is what keeps your phone affordable. If you like something else fine but having this attitude is childish and stupid. Are you like 8 years old?

  • Mokonh

    So HTC did admit that their design is crap that users will need a dot view case just in case it falls out of your hand because it is heavy and slippery? Hurray for stupid ergonomics and design.

    • BMOGamer

      Oh you stupid moron…Not even funny

  • johnd451

    The deal breaker for me is the M8 doesn’t have a removeable battery.

  • Jas

    Samsung should use this attention and have a commercial saying like: “Fashionista’s hate this phone (S5).” Then, cue in a popular artist with a quote: “But, I’m not a fashionista.” Then, contemporary music in the background.

  • GangstaRapMadeMeDoIt

    Is the joke that one sells and one doesn’t? If so, then that’s a good joke.

    Gotta step that game up or you won’t be here in the next 5 years htc, hahaha

  • Michael Roberts

    I waited until two weeks ago to upgrade, Reason being a was awaiting the L.G G3. In my opinion being an L.G G2 & HTC ONE M7 owner i was awaiting the smarter phone and Samsung is not to my liking. The design of the HTC M8 could have been a bit better but thats the worst thing you will hear and to me its a non issue (my speck case is all white with rubber grips) L.G made a huge mistake by rushing the Q.H.D should have awaited the SD805! The Q.H.D Bogs down performance to the point that my benchmarks had it below the GS5 and the M8 as an obvious #1 due to the fact that HTC prides themselves on Performance and left it your option to pretty much strip it down to Bloat at all.

  • Chris Heery

    If either use a case, then the backside is irrelevant. And truthfully from a pure aesthetic point of view the front of the HTC One M8 isn’t nice looking at all. As for plastic versus metal, see how the HTC feels after walking an hour with it facing sunlight. I’d much rather have the S5 when outside.

  • jclgan

    So many tech bloggers praise HTC for designing a “premium” phone, purely based on the fact that the One has a metal chassis. Slippery? Doesn’t matter; metal feels premium. No removable back cover to swap out the battery? Doesn’t matter; metal feels premium. Can’t help but think even people in the Android community are suffering from a bit of metal-fever. I think LG did a very good job of blending form with function – looks the part of a premium device but doesn’t sacrifice features a lot of people still desire in a smartphone.

    Biggest design flaw IMO for the One M8 is the hideous waste of a black bar below the on-screen nav buttons. Poor internal hardware configuration; the front-facing speakers already make the phone taller.

  • woofa

    All this fanboyism is the extreme of childish.

  • Schylar Carrozzeria Wilson

    What happened to the HTC that I loved? Wizard 100.Dream,Glacier,Juno,Leo and various others I owned… Samsung has had my money for 3phones now HTC if you are listening bring that old shit back, Im getting tired of the non removable battery phones stupid metal cases and the ugly bezel… step it up mang!

    • Cory

      You are a twat

      • Schylar Carrozzeria Wilson

        And you are an idiot!

  • Michael McAllister

    these post are hilarious. You can’t even compare TouchWiz to HTC Sense. Go look at any product reviewer, and look at their opinion based on phones. M7, M8 dominated overall through their review period… Its all preference tho.. but it’s just preferred that, people who know s*** about phones, prefer the for HTC.. Posted from my g flex..

    • Schylar Carrozzeria Wilson

      Sense got old after the first 6 months of using it. Switched to cm with every htc phone I purchased. The phones have Power for sure but the non removable batteries suck. And the look of then is just ugly.