HTC Glamor, a Handset for Feminine Style

June 23, 2011

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Remember back when we spoke of a device called the HTC Bliss? T'was an HTC handset made for the ladies, or of course if you know that it's not just whats in your undercarriage that counts, for the more feminine amongst us, ladies or gentlemen. Well check it out: now there's another leak of a device that's bright as all get-out, and it's again coming from HTC. The folks as PocketNow have discovered another image with the name HTC Glamor attached to it - three devices, all with the same name, all on hangers.

Because of course all women love to hang up their clothing and bright colors are the way to a woman's heart, right? Of course! I've got to note here and now that the advertising for these devices, should they indeed be intended for the market and intended to be aimed directly at women, will either be a massive hit, a massive offense to the feminist portion of our American society, or some third thing.

Then have a look back at the photos in the post entitled HTC EVO 3D and HTC EVO View 4G Accessories Rundown - in the case we got to see back at CTIA there were a whole slew of "female oriented" official cases for those two lovely devices. HTC really, truly, does appear to be making a device even more brightly colored than the Vodafone exclusive Desire S and its ON FIRE coverings.

What do you think? Again, do you think it's time for a more feminine device where the current selection already includes whatever color you want so long as it's black?

[via Pocketnow]

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  • Anonymous

    I just don’t get why HTC seems to think that women don’t want their smatphones to be just as awesome as men do. Whenever they come out with a phone targeted at the feminine demographic, it’s always over-the-top in the colour department, and woefully under-equipped in pretty much all of the other departments.

  • Female Guest

    josephggubbels is RIGHT:  women would like a phone that is tailored to them in size and functionality–not just a “dumbed-down” version of what men have!

    A high end phone with a 3.8″-4.0″ screen would be an AWESOME size for a woman’s hand.

  • Anonymous

    whats funny is that the 2 groups who would most like a variety in device color are teens and young adults (20-25) yet 90% of smartphones are some shade of black/grey and 8% are white. nokia knows whats up, its time for everyone else to get on board. phone color (other than black/grey/white) will alwasy add more customers than it turns off.