HTC Flyer missing from Best Buy online

December 13, 2011

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Could the Flyer be discontinued? It is no longer available for purchase on Best Buy's website, and the trend may follow with other retailers soon. It has been discounted many times over the past couple months, and may be nearing the end of its shelf-life. Of course, after using the tablet myself - it functions better than many of the current tabs out there.

In one sale the Flyer dipped down to $240 for a brief moment, and that was quite the deal. It may not have appeared for $99.99 like the famed HP TouchPad, but still 50% off. If Best Buy is pulling its inventory, another "Firesale" could be underway soon.

When a tablet is discontinued, the developmental community is bound to worry. The HTC Flyer has many unofficial developers on its side producing some excellent ROMs and kernels. Knowing the Flyer may never see Android 4.0 could be quite the disappointment, but at least developers won't be waiting on it. It may even give a few the spark to start a something from scratch.

[via Phandroid]

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  • S2h2golf

    But for one brief moment, the Flyer did drop to $99. 

  • S2h2golf

    But for one brief moment, the Flyer did drop to $99. 

    • Kiaraflorence96


  • S2h2golf

    But for one brief moment, the Flyer did drop to $99. 

  • HTC Flyer Really Great. I think that the HTC will KO Apple next year! 🙂

  • With the Kindle Fire, it’s going to be hard for 95% of people to justify buying a tablet for much more.  Sure it has Honeycomb, but you can root your Fire and put CM7 or other ROMs on it, so for those who care that much about a tablet OS, it doesn’t matter that much.  And of course, most people could care less or don’t understand the advantages, and would rather save $100 or more.  I have a feeling most tablet manufacturers will be bowing out over the next year unless they can seriously compete on that $200 pricepoint (for a 7″) tablet or somehow differentiate themselves enough on something else that would cause a significant number of people to buy them – maybe 4G data and subsidy plans on carriers that drops the price down to $0?

  • Jim

    If the Flyer is discontinued, what might be a good alternate tablet/device to use for writing/viewing/marking up documents as a paper replacement?