HTC Flyer gets a million orders

March 8, 2011

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HTC is flying high with it's new tablet. No, that's not a sad play on words, it's actually great news for Android handset company which has been reported to have secured over 1 million orders for it's HTC Flyer tablet computer. That's quite a feat considering that there's been no official announcement of pricing or even launch date on this smaller tablet (although we leaked pricing in Europe here and here) designed to go head to head with the iPad 2 and the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Analysts believe that the price for the Flyer will fall somewhere in between the Tab and the iPad 2, so a million orders is quite a feat.

The Flyer has been bucking conventional wisdom almost from the get go. As we noted in our hands-on, this smaller tablet is going old school with an active stylus input system. This can wreak havoc with the "palm test" as the 7" capacitive touchscreen can get confused with multiple points of reference. So HTC has introduced a firmware update to compensate.

And with the trends of tablets moving towards dual core, the Flyer stays firmly in the kiddie pool with a 1.4GHz single-core Qualcomm CPU. It also has dual cameras for video chat and runs Android 2.4 (Gingerbread) which is promised to be updated to Honeycomb after product launch along with it's heavily modified Sense overlay. But it also has some 3D features which makes for a pretty unique menu interface.

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  • Kevin

    Beautiful – but too small

    • Billtech66

      to me, it’s borderline to Big.
      I need to be able to carry it around easily.
      So, it needs to fit in a pocket. 🙂

  • Jason

    I was excited about this until I found out any device these days can use a stylus…

    • While other tablet devices can use a stylus, you will find that the ones designed for a capacitive screen are fatter than a normal pen and a bit awkward.
      Resistive screens use a much finer pen-like stylus.
      Compare it to writing with a crayon (capacitive) versus a fine point pen (resistive).

      • Anonymous

        Except this has a digitiser which bypasses the inaccurate and fat stylus point.

      • Ye. I was not sayin that the HTC Flyer input was like using a crayon. I am looking forward to the HTC Flyer. I think it will meet my needs much better than any tablet out there.
        1. Uses a real pen like stylus
        2. Fits in my cargo pants pocket
        3. Instant on

        Great for taking meeting notes.

      • do want

        Chris “Burnsy” Burns
        R3 Media LCC c/o Android Community

        [twitter] @androids @t_chrisburns

      • do want

        Chris “Burnsy” Burns
        R3 Media LCC c/o Android Community

        [twitter] @androids @t_chrisburns

  • Jpo234

    “no official announcement of pricing”? huh? It’s for EUR 669 on

  • Seals9121

    why they can’t make the UI smoother. It’s laggy

  • Seals9121

    why they can’t make the UI smoother. It’s laggy

  • Billech66

    what I am interested in: does it have:
    1. a calendar.
    2. can I EASILY import my data from Mac and MS Outlook into this calendar?
    3. Once I have EASILY imported this data, Can I search the data on this calendar back more than one year? (the iPad and all iphones have this limitation: only one year back search ability.)
    4. Does it sync to PC outlook AND to Mac iCal?
    5. Can i EASILY back it up to SD card, to PC, to Mac, To anywhere I want to??
    6. Does it have Contacts that has all the abilities I list above for the Calendar?
    7. Does it have a Note program that also has all the abilities I list for Calendar? (IMPORT, BACKUP).
    8. DOES it have al these features and abilities WITHOUT having to use aftermarket programs? (that nearly always fail to do what they claim, or are very buggy, or fail to work at all MOST of the time?)

    In other words, is this device ready for prime time, with bug free programs and abilities that are built INTO the OS??

    And, will this company as so many others are doing: stop trying to copy Apple, with Apples stupid idea of cashing in on what they erroneously thought was a ‘trend’: the netbooks with a ten inch screen. Whereas netbooks were popular mainly due to the cheap price, not the fact that it had a 10 inch screen.
    Whereas a netbook is a useful tool, and the iPad is NOT. iPad is an oversize ipod, with it’s main ability being to entertain. So, having none of the USEFULNESS of a netbook, the iPad is, in my opinion, A STUPID DEVICE. SO, quit trying to compete with a stupid idea! with your own stupid version.

    BTW: I’m a long time Apple user, and as you can see, very disappointed in Apple.

    • Billtech66

      just to clarify: I am NOT implying that HTC is making a stupid device or trying to complete with Apples stupid iPad.
      The industry in general is doing that.

      It does look to be a USEful device. Especially if it actually comes with the things I listed.
      Thank you.