We have a little treat that just appeared. That treat is some Gingerbread cookies or some sort of Gingerbread. Yes you heard it right. Android 2.3 Gingerbread for the HTC EVO has just leaked. It has Sense UI and all, probably an insider source leak, so that is a good thing.

This is fresh out of the kitchen you can get the download from the XDA forums here .
This comes right after news that the Thunderbolt and the EVO would be getting updated to Gingerbread in June. Looks like a few people had different plans and you can get it NOW.

This is in the form of an official build with full HTC Sense and everything, a full system dump and now those XDA developers are hard at work making it a easy flashable zip for you all to love and enjoy.

[via XDA Forums]

  • I don’t see where it says it’s for the Evo Shift.

  • I don’t see where it says it’s for the Evo Shift.

    • we didn’t say it was. Not sure if the shift gets the same versions as the EVO or not, check out XDA for more information

  • Rockerdudelive

    what sense version is it?

    • Nick

      unfortunately, still 1.0

  • Waiting for the final version!!..

  • john

    about damn time

  • I love the speed, but this thing is KILLING my battery life (and I have an extended one that was giving me 13 hours on 2.2). Suggestions welcome…

    • Anonymous

      My solution is to have five batteries. I keep one in my pocked and all in my laptop case when I travel.  It works great.