All you owners of a Sprint Evo 4G rejoice for there is an update upon you. It goes by the name 3.70.651.1 and it bringeth some fun items including: Blockbuster (including WM DRM 10), Kindle eReader, Preloaded try/buy video game: NOVA from Gameloft, Sprint Zone update, Latest Telenav, Latest VVM App, Latest Sprint TV app, SWYPE Keyboard, and Scan Now Widget for 4G. You can wait for the update as it reaches your area, or update manually.

To update to this newness manually, begin by downloading the file at this link: [renaming it]. After that,

1. Reboot to recovery mode by first turning the phone off, then pressing the volume down button, and press also the power button. Your screen should boot to a white screen with three Androids on skateboards.

2. Use the volume button to select RECOVERY and press the power button one more time. Your Evo will now reboot into recovery mode. You should see an image of the phone with a red triangle and an exclamation point.

3. Hold the volume up button and press the power button. Choose and let the magic begin.

These instructions should be fairly self-explanatory, but if you have no idea what any of them mean, we suggest stepping on into T-Mobile for some support. Hopefully they’ll be ever-so-kind and lend you a hand on your way to update world.

[Via XDA Forums]

  • Paul Robinson

    What does T-Mobile have to do with EVO? That’s a Sprint phone.

  • John

    Does this erase all of your data and scenes? For example, do I need to reload my home page, background, ect?

  • Mike

    What about sense ui update!!This update is for what I already have on my phone!!come on htc bring out 2.3!!!

  • John

    I just did the update and had the exact same problem as you did. I uninstalled the beta version and did the update. I then went into my settings>language & keyboard>swype settings(you should have this on there;if not restart your phone again by turning it off)>swype help>find the tutorial and then it will promt to use swype intead of the standard.
    Hope this helps

  • ben

    worked for me! thanks!

  • Ben Loves The D


  • oscar

    keeps giving me a failure

  • John

    Look for a tutorial if you can. I just stumbled on it working so I might have missed something in my directions.

  • Chris

    well i have a rooted Evo and it gave me Status 7 Error what now

  • “These instructions should be fairly self-explanatory…”! Yeah right. That’s until I got a ‘Status 7…Installation aborted’ error. NOW WHAT?

  • John

    Couldnt tell you. Just thought I would share what worked for me. Sounds like the ones with the rooted phone get the system error. All I know is that I uninstalled the old version and then shut off the phone, turned it back on and found the swype tutorial in my settings. Hopefully someone that knows a lot more about the phone will start talking on here.

  • miss patsy

    i completed install.. now how do i use the swype???

  • Got the update tonight 12/18 in upstate NY USA. Can any of the features be uninstalled, but not all of them. I don’t want or need Blockbuster or a demo game, but I would like to keep the other features. Waiting on 2.3 as an OTA update from 2.2 . I like my EVO phone with Sprint, just want a choice with what I keep in an update.

  • The update went fine – unfortunately now my corporate email no longer works. (Exchange activsync)

  • Power-cycling the phone seems to have fixed this. Sorry for the false alarm

  • Craig S.

    After the update , my siriusxm app count connect to the internet. Won’t play,but I still see channel info.

  • Deanna V

    How do you turn swype off??

  • Fed Up already!

    These auto updates just are not necesssary! WHo the heck wants NOVA and if ya don’t, there is no way to uninstall it from your phone! Blockbuster: great another useless icon which is non removeable and only resides for you to spend money on another company’s product which you cna get for freee at home> STOP THE CRAP SPRINT! give me upgrades to system software for a good reason, not to sell something for someone else!

  • Fed Up already!

    PS: swype should have been a single selectale upgrade which rumor had it was already done to the newer EVO’s. Stop grouping extra stuff.

  • Ericaharris966

    This nova mess is crap sprint i didnt ask for it nore do i want it !!!! Cant uninstall it damn

  • Raymone

    thinks man fo real

  • Raymone

    thinks man fo real

  • Raymone23

    dont get 2.3 it bull shit

    • very interesting opinion. which version would you recommend?