It seems that users of the aging HTC EVO will have to wait a bit longer to get the promised Android 4.3 update. Having missed its end of 2013 target, HTC is now saying that the update will roll out around the middle of February.

This announcement comes from HTC America president Jason Mackenzie via Twitter. Last October, Mackenzie said that the device will be receiving an Android 4.3 update along with HTC’s custom Sense 5 UI by the end of 2013. Of course, that timeline has passed and gone and HTC has to now reschedule. Mackenzie is now saying that the update will enter into testing around January and will finally be released to owners by February.


Should the update push through at all, it will be an impressive feat for this smartphone. It is rare for a device to receive official updates that traverse three major Android version, but that will exactly be the case when the HTC EVO 4G receives the update. It will also somewhat be a testament to Android 4.4‘s compatibility with slighly less powerful hardware, as it will be running on a 1.5 GHz dual-core processor with 1 GB of RAM. Definitely not the lowest tier that KitKat is aiming for, but it’s also not a powerhouse by today’s standards.

It is not uncommon for updates to be delayed, even by a few months. HTC has even explained how the entire process can be slowed down by carriers. Hopefully for the remaining owners of the HTC EVO 4G LTE, this will be the last delay before they get the promised update.

VIA: phoneArena

  • guest

    this article is confusing. The author is unclear on which device he is talking about: the HTC EVO vs the HTC EVO 4G LTE.

    • Bill

      It’s also confusing how this is “a testament to Android 4.4’s compatibility with slightly less powerful hardware” since the article is discussing the upgrade to 4.3.

  • EVO 4G LTE Owner

    Juan Carlos Torres, we know that you mean the EVO LTE and 4.3 (eve if some people cannot figure it out), but maybe you can edit and clarify this article? Thanks.

  • LAME companies

    Carriers suck period hahahahahahm they want delays in order to sell other phones that come out. I think it is time that they figure out how to make money elsewhere rather than constantly pushing out new phones every year geez. Some of us can’t even enjoy a phone for its longevity without a new one coming out to replace what you just purchased. Slow down dammit it, I don’t need a new damn phone every year shit. People stop buying a fucking new phone every year so those fucks can get their shit together. Money hungry motherfuckers seriously the Phablet was a BIG time fail coming out with some lame specs trying to go up against samsung, lg, etc. Seriously do we really need a new freaking phone coming out every freaking year. I remember HTC promise they wouldn’t flood the market with phones but i guess they ignored that statement. How can anyone enjoy something they spend 200+ on while the next supposedly best thing comes out and is 100+ plus than the previous one. Wake the fuck up people a new phone isn’t the ideal thing to go out and nuts over. I got tired of this shit since when I first bought the first HTC phone i enjoyed for the time it lasted 4 years before moving on to the next best thing. Seriously do you need a new phone every fucking year?