There have been a surprising number of Ice Cream Sandwich builds released from the major manufacturers, but I honestly wasn’t expecting to see this one. A generous XDA member has posted the Android 4.0 ROM for the HTC EVO 3D, straight from the source and ready for flashing. This particulate software build is intended for Virgin Mobile’s US version of the phone, but it will work with The Now Network as well.

The leaked ROM is built on Android 4.0.3, so it’s just a little behind the times. And like the other Ice Cream Sandwich updates that we’ve seen from HTC, it feature Sense 3.6, which is noticeably distinct from the Sense 4.0 build seen on the new One family of phones. If you’re OK with a little extraneous branding, you could be rocking Ice Cream Sandwich on your unmodified EVO 3D tonight.

Currently there are no obvious bugs in the software – everything seems to be functioning as expected. That said, this is probably not the final release, and if you flash it to your phone you might have to wipe it when the official ICS update is sent out to get back on the official release path. But that’s a small price to pay for some Android 4.0 goodness, right? Those of you who have used HTCDev to unlock your phone will have to find an original RUU before flashing. Of course, you can always try that One S ROM instead…

[device id=146]

  • Jon Xuereb

    wait no fm radio? why not?

    • James

      It might be b/c on the phone where the rom came from, it doesn’t have fm radio

    • Tobigucho

      I have one and it has fm radio

      • Jon Xuereb

        me too that was just my way of saying it

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  • viet_solution
  • Craig

    the ICS for the HTC EVO 3D is like a new paint job on a car hit by a train; too little, too late. There are so many problems with this piece of s#it hardware it isn’t worth the time to install ICS.

  • JoeBloh

    Adobe flash will not run/install on anything after 4.0
    Android 4.0.3 Will NOT be supported. Thud.. its Garbage.