Did any of you guys see this coming? I did but not this soon as the EVO 3D and Sensation 4G are still locked down. No kernel source has been released and the bootloaders are still locked tight for the time being. The man behind the photo you see below is Michael Huang who is the developer behind setCPU, you can follow him on twitter at @coolbho3k. Following him on Twitter he has just teased all of you proud EVO 3D and Sensation owners showing you what is coming soon.

With setCPU happily pushing 1.7 Ghz on his EVO 3D you are all probably a little excited about now right. Don’t worry Sensation owners he said it should work for you too so stay tuned. We all know how trustworthy he is so I’m pretty sure this will be coming soon for the rest of us to try and enjoy. All you need is temp root and we have explained that in this post.

Thanks to TeamWin temp root was achieved late last week and from what I’m gathering here you will need a loadable kernel module after having temp root and a few other things and you will be able to achieve the same level of overclock on your own device. No instructions, files or details are out yet but don’t worry they are coming soon. Follow @coolbho3k for the latest information as he has been tweeting this entire time. We will update this story as we see or hear more.

  • Anonymous

    When the Sensation gets a permanent root and a one click, I might have to get one – it’ll only be a matter of time for CM from there. I’m following this dude.

    • Yea I’ve not touched my G2x since I got the Sensation, just like we talked about DJ. I do miss CM7 though and play with my Nexus One occasionally.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, when that Sensation gets a oneclick I gotta get it to overclock it – but then again, I’m still trying to see if T-Mo is going to get any variant of the GS II – and then you got the next Nexus coming… shit!! LOL. P.S. Did the G2x get overclocked in CM7?

      • Not sure about in CM7 but using kernels I overclocked the G2x past 1.5 Ghz and scored over 4000 in quadrant. Story is here somewhere

      • Anonymous

        That’s what I meant basically, was there an overclock/kernal for CM7. I actually found that post you mentioned in a Google search yesterday… I flased the Maxmem file from that thread – a couple of runs on basic Quadrant hit 4710 – CF-Bench scored pretty high. The only overclock I knew of was the Froyo kernal that’s why I asked. Thanks!

  • gautam behal

    nice work…

  • umm not impressed after having htc g2 1.9 ghz and samsung galaxy s line running 1.7 ghz this isnt that impressive anymore.