HTC employee goes on record: “Sorry about the Thunderbolt”


HTC hasn’t always been the most popular Android handset maker and while the One appears to holding its own, the same can’t be said about a previous handset, the HTC Thunderbolt. Without getting into any specifics, it appears as if one HTC employee has recently taken to the web and offered an apology of sorts.


That employee is Erick Nielsen and he has been posting on Reddit where he is using the name of Erick_HTC. Aside from attempts to make it clear as to where his comments are coming from, he has said that he is “sorry about the Thunderbolt in general.” Further going on to mention that it was a “difficult project” and in speaking to the person who he was replying to, Erick has said he wishes they “didn’t destroy your trust” and goes on to say he understands.

Basically, it appears as if Erick has taken a sort of front-facing roll for HTC and will be further interacting with users moving forward. With that in mind, Erick also goes on to speak about how he isn’t from PR or marketing and that he may also step on PR mines from time to time. In an effort to make it clear where he stands, Erick touches on topics such as how he wants to “collect issues of our existing products so that we can either fix them or learn from our mistakes.”

Some of the other highlights here include how he wants you to feel respected as a consumer and how he wants HTC to be respected as a company. All that aside, while this is just one post that may ultimately amount to nothing, it does feel sort of encouraging. Of course, we have to remember that this is only one employee and only one posting. So how about it, if you had previously been burned by HTC, would this be enough to convince you to give them a second chance?

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  • flashfast2000

    Now can I have my 400$ back?

  • Chahk Noir

    First thing HTC needs to learn is the difference between “a customer” and “a consumer”. The former requires support past the time of sale, and cannot be abandoned like the latter.

    • High five. Amen

      • Agree with you. I also dislike HTC for offering nin user replaceable batteries and no SD card support. Takes away all the flexibility of Android platform.

  • TStop

    This was my first smart phone. It will be my last from HTC and my last Android.

    • Don’t let the thunderbolt sway you from Android. Try a Galaxy S 4 my friend.

  • McHale72

    They STILL don’t get it. I’ve owned over a dozen HTC devices and they get worse at every device. After spending nearly a grand on their HTC Jetstream and pen and not a single update, after the HTC Titan on AT&T sounding like you were talking through a pillow under water, after their lack of updates on all of the other devices I own, I wouldn’t accept a free HTC and use it in public out of fear someone might see it and think I like HTC’s products. I want them to suffer as I have with their miserable devices. Their support is awful and their typical response was “sorry, we have no plans to fix it. Why not buy a NEW phone?”

    But I’m not bitter…

    Currently running the Nokia Lumia 920 and have NEVER been happier with a phone. I highly recommend it.

    • Exactly. I exclusively used HTC from the days of WinCE & PPC, over 12 years of loyalty. Then they started abandoning every tablet almost as soon as the released it & the JetStream, which was a costly thing that had a ton of potential, well, I learned my lesson there. Samsung is far from perfect, but they are actually updating & improving device performance. There are two hugely popular site dedicated exclusively to tracking Samsung firmware updates, that is how often Samsung is updating devies. Even older Sammy tabs & phones are on Jelly Bean, unlike ANY HTC device.

      I am currently using the Note 2 & as an engineering design professional, I couldn’t be happier. The device is a productivity monster & I can’t wait to see what the Galaxy Note 3 brings!

      • Let me just add that a week ago I wrote Samsung about an issue in their WatchOn provider database. They had excluded Time Warner from my zip code.

        On day 2 I received a general notice thanking me & telling me they would look into the issue.

        On day 4 I received an email from tier 2 service, letting me know they had elevated my issue & that is was in the engineering teams hands.

        On day 5 I received an email from a tier 3 engineering tech, letting me know that the database had been updated & that it should now be working for me.

        Today Samsung followed up, it was again the tier 3 engineering tech, asking if I could confirm my issue had been rectified & asking me for any further feedback I wanted to present. He also gave me his name & a contact phone number if for any reason the issue was not resolved.

        That is customer service & I am glad to see someone in the world of Android manufacturing finally seems to be getting it.

      • JRomeo

        the HTC Nexus One was an excellent phone, which was updated multiple times until any further updates would slow the phone dramatically., i gave the phone to my father-in-law, and he still uses it as his daily phone, so at least that HTC Phone could be a minor defense to HTC, however after reading your description of Samsung’s customer service, i am awestruck, I mean WOW, I wonder if LG or Motorola has that kind of customer service, amazing.

  • i would trust them if they owned up to ALL their mistakes. they short change alot of us on alot of different devices. if they owned up to everything and somehow tried to make up for it then yeah i’d keep buying HTC.

  • Christopher Chin

    Can I get an apology from a Samsung employee for my Galaxy Nexus? Battery life is atrocious!!

  • N8

    And this helps those of us stuck with the thunderbolt under contracts… How exactly?

  • gsfgss

    And they still had the guts to call the S4 a big flop… And to laugh at S4’s reviews, too! Sorely disappointed at you, HTC. As a phone company, you are seriously starting to suck. I thought the war for the android throne is between you and Samsung. I now realized that it’s actually between LG and Samsung. Even Sony is starting to become better than you

  • Icemike557

    Still waiting on that source code…

  • Alan

    I still have emotional scars from rushing to buy that pos on verizon. I can’t pickup a htc device without having flash backs of the low power warnings and crashes!

  • Verizon should allow for Roll back to 2.4.1 or 2.4.4 android OS.

  • My butt still hurts from my experience with the Amaze 4G. Samsung Galaxy Note all the way!