HTC Droid Incredible the One to Stop the Bullet? [UPDATE]

January 10, 2011

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Remember a couple days ago when we totally brought you that news story about the bullet being stopped by an HTC phone before anyone else did? At that point it had been picked up by WSBTV, a news network from Atlanta, the same location as the shooting. Turns out that same day the AP released the video that WSBTV purchased to run on their show. That version of the video can be seen below. Also that same day, the periodical by the name of BGR ran a story similar to ours - with one difference: they name the phone.

The video doesn't have the name of the phone, nor does the AP (or WSBTV) give any clue other than a quick flashing of a phone at the end of the video (the WSBTV version.) How then has this note saying that the phone was a HTC Droid Incredible started? Perhaps the notion that the story is... incredible?! See the AP video and a couple screenshots of the reporter from WSBTV holding the phone below:

NOTE: the phone the reporter is holding, he says, is "the same phone" that the man who was shot had on him. This phone is not the same one that was shot, thus the lack of a bullet hole.

[youtube AU3TLIrqLRI]

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  • The Incredible and the EVO are the only phones with that signature red battery. The phone in the video looks more like an EVO. I’ve seen it reported both ways.

  • Cb

    Gg ben marvin

  • Chris Burns


  • yvonne

    I thought the guy even stated it was an Evo

  • stebone

    Another case of sites copying each other’s WRONG STORY! It was an EVO!