HTC DROID DNA update arrives to fix SIM card error

April 15, 2013

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The past week we've seen quite a bit of updates from the folks over at Verizon Wireless, and today we have another one that's hitting devices as we speak. It looks like the HTC DROID DNA is next up and Verizon and HTC are rolling an update out this week aiming to fix their "SIM card error" bug that's bothered many users.

If you don't know what we're talking about then you haven't experienced this issue and your wonderful 5-inch DROID DNA has been working as expected. For those who've suffered this obnoxious bug you'll be happy to know Verizon has fixed the issue, and you should be good to go in no time. Well, as long as you have a WiFi connection to accept and download said update.

Today Verizon has confirmed the DROID DNA is getting a small 33MB bug fixing update aimed specifically at the SIM issue. It was last updated back in February with a rather large list of fixes, and this update appears to only be focusing on this one SIM issue and that is all. While we can expect a few other improvements, Verizon didn't highlight any on their update changelog.

After the small 32.9MB update you'll be on software version 710RD and still the same Android version, only you won't get that pesky SIM error anymore - or at least we hope not. As usual head into settings > about phone > software updates and give it a go. Let us know if it fixes your problem in the comment section below.

[via Verizon Support]

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  • Guinnessman

    Verzion should not penalitize people for the 32 Meg download

  • Arbigi

    I had already replaced my phone by the time this fix came out, but it seems to have fixed another problem that I had with both phones… when connected to either band of my WPA-secured Asus RT-AC66 router, the speed test app would return excellent results, but Facebook newsfeed would hang. If I switched to 4G after a minute or so of churning, voila! Instant load. Today’s update seems to have fixed it.

  • brock29609

    My HTC DNA was repeadedly getting this SIM card error. I took the update yesterday and the error still happens regularly. The only thing that seems to be different with the update is when I get the error, I get a pop-up window telling me the SIM card is not read.

    • I’d try a factory reset now @cb07fe63f4f644fcaaa5556d5d0bacfc:disqus you’ll lose everything, but maybe it will fix it.

    • twaters

      I did too, but ejected the sim card with phone off and reinserted it, no problem since then

  • Keith

    The problem is that the SIM card was not inserted cleanly and in the correct position. I don’t see how this update would really help except peace of mind. Remove the sim card using the sim tray removal tool, or anything small enough to eject the tray, clean the card with a soft cloth, preferably a lens cleaning cloth, and replace it carefully as to not have any resistance when pushing it back inside. This will truly fix the problem.

  • Suzz

    I was still getting a SIM card error after the update. I followed the advice of another user – popped the card out and examined it before cleaning it with a lens cloth. Lo and behold, whoever installed the SIM card in my phone originally left a nice fat finger print over the gold connectors. Guessing I will not have any further problems now.

  • thomas

    I am on Verizon and have not received the update yet.

  • Blake

    on 710RD and still having the issue

  • wade

    pop out the sim card with removal tool(you should have one in the box your phone came in), clean the card with a soft cloth like one used for cleaning a touch screen or the lenses on your glass. reinsert card with no resistance when pushing it back into the phone and the problem seems to be fixed I heard this problem is caused by poor design and the sim card moves just enough to not always make contact. This has fixed mine so far! Good Luck

  • windexsunday

    I know this is an older post but the problem wasn’t fixed with this update. You have only to go look at the posts on Verizon’s support site to confirm people are having problems.

    To make matters worse, when you speak to Verizon or HTC support about the issue they claim ignorance and say it is not a “known” problem. Then they make you jump through hoops with pointless troubleshooting exercises that don’t fix the problem.

  • teamtweety

    Does not solve the issue. Went to Verizon store and they even replaced the sim card, even after the update. They sent me a new phone, hopefully this will solve the problem.