While we wait for the availability of the One smartphone, HTC seems to be doing a fairly nice job of keeping the handset fresh in our minds. There is still some discussion on whether the One is coming to Verizon Wireless, however that aside, it seems this release is sort of make or break for Peter Chou.

Whether or not Chou will step down remains to be seen, but for now HTC has been sharing talk of the software related features. In fact, they have recently posted another BlinkFeed teaser video. The video does a decent job at showing what BlinkFeed is and what it can offer. In this case HTC is comparing BlinkFeed to a real-life situation.

For those not as familiar with BlinkFeed, it is basically a widget that summarizes your feeds. HTC describes it as being “all your favorite content streamed live onto one screen.” As HTC describes in the above video, BlinkFeed would be like everyone around you telling you a bit of news or information.

In that respect, BlinkFeed sounds like a winner. Almost like having people tell you everything, but without actually having to deal with them in real life. Of course, while BlinkFeed seems like a nice option to have, it isn’t an entirely new concept either. The real key here will be whether or not HTC can convince the average user that BlinkFeed is something they need to have.

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  • iObey

    Blinkfeed is EXACTLY how Android MUST NOT look/feel/work.

    I will not buy HTC One:
    1) too many irritating/annoying external design mistakes despite a single right decision to go with aluminum.
    2) wrong SENSE UI design direction
    3) it’s TOO thick for just 2,300mAh battery.
    4) it’s TOO heavy for just 2,300mAh battery.
    5) it’s TOO thick for just 4.3Mp UltraPixel camera
    6) HTC pays Apple

    • looooooooool
      Blinkfeed is not what Android will look like, it’s just a page on the side which actually works pretty well.
      It’s seriously thin on the hand when you use it.
      Very light for what it is.
      Sense UI finally got slimmer, everyone’s loving it and you seem to have missed the point.
      pure Trolling. go use it properly before you go nuts.

    • jj222

      Not sure if just trolling or stupid