It looks as if the HTC Desire HD will soon be hitting the Saudi Arabian market. HTC announced their plans at a press conference in Jeddah on December 19th with stating that they are excited to bring the nation’s second Android-equipped device to market.

Customers in Saudi Arabia have always been widely receptive to HTC products which is why they plan to introduce the Desire HD as well as the Windows Phone 7 HD7 into the market.

Mohamed Kais Zribi, Regional Manager of HTC Middle East and North Africa said:

“Customers in Saudi Arabia have been eagerly awaiting the launch of these new models. As far as the HTC Desire HD is concerned, I am confident that they will fully appreciate the new features and applications that we have introduced, especially its more engaging, intuitive, user-friendly design. We have likewise retained the attention-grabbing features of the phone, taking advantage of the powerful Android platform and the latest version of HTC Sense2.0, which has become a major hit among smartphone users.”

Android is definitely making its way into very diverse markets, we can expect many more countries following suit and release a wide array of Android-equipped devices in 2011.

[Via AndroidGuys]

  • kira023

    Excuse me, I’m from saudi arabia and we have HTC Desire HD since 2-3 weeks already from Jarirbook Store (one of the retailers in SA).

    Thanks for info

  • Llies Meridja

    The problem with android at the moment is that it does not support the Arabic language. So until this problem is solved it would be very hard to make any significant inroads in the marketplace or compete with other platforms.

  • Fine information about HTC Desire HD. I like this type of information.