We have some bad but somewhat expected news for all you Bolt owners this afternoon. After HTC announced multiple times that they would indeed be updating multiple devices to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich during the month of August, Thunderbolt included, sadly that didn't quite happen. The update won't be arriving yet and HTC's issued a statement.

The folks at Droid-Life noticed a comment over on HTC's Facebook page confirming the details. Basically HTC has stated that "We're aware we missed the deadline" and "we're working with Verizon for ICS on the Thunderbolt." Basically they didn't share any new details other than yes, it's not yet available.

HTC updated many of their older devices this past month (and last) to Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, the HTC ThunderBolt is actually one of the last ones standing that haven't received the latest and greatest from HTC and Google. Don't worry though folks, it has leaked multiple times.

After taking a second look at their response pictured above it appears they might be making a poke at Verizon with that one. We all know Big Red is one of the slower carriers when it comes to Android updates (just look at the Galaxy Nexus) so maybe everything is ready to rock from HTC and we are just awaiting Verizon's approval. Hopefully the official Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich arrives for the ThunderBolt. For now CM10 will do just fine.

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  • Most of the TB users who have rooted their phones were just waiting on a leak so we could get data – and we got that already. So it doesn’t really make a difference for us šŸ˜› The majority of us have already installed a custom desensed ROM anyway.

    • right..

    • Are you aware that people who root their phone are a minority? There are Android users who struggle to even install Apps like my parents let alone rooting their phone. So no, most TB users probably won’t have rooted their phone.

      • Schmitty

        He said “most of the TB users WHO have rooted,” not that most TB have rooted their phones…
        I am personally sitting on the fence about rooting, since I’ve heard about a roughly 50/50 split in bugs from the official leak ROM, but at the same time, I’m tired of waiting and all the misinformation being put out by HTC/VZW…

      • Schmitty if you don’t want to wait I’d find a ROM that has been built and perfected that is based on the leak. That would be your best bet. That or CM9 šŸ˜‰

      • In all honesty, most of the ROMs that I have flashed are pretty good as it is. The only bugs I face are random resets which occur rarely, and that’s about it. The plus side is that I get a much longer battery life and much faster load times on most apps.

  • nexus

    Oh well, what does it matter, once people’s contracts expire they will all dumb the TBolt anyway. At this point its coming down to being a moral victory for users if they provide the ICS update, and a belated attempt to hold on to the customers they have.

  • Eric Wiz

    HTC has dropped the ball so many times with this phone that this doesn’t surprise me in the slightest. I wonder if they realize that they have hurt their brand – perhaps permanently – with many customers. Personally, I can’t wait to smash my Tbolt with a 10 pound sledghammer. I will never buy HTC again and this may even push me into iPhone 5.

  • BiggDogg

    I’m definitely going to Samsung after owning HTC TBolt. I might even switch to ATT and stop wasting time with this VZW crap(branding phones). I can’t wait for SS Note 2!

  • db97

    just posted on htc’s facbook. heres the response:

    HTC We’re eager to get the update to you as wel. Right now, we’re actively working with Verizon on ICS software for the HTC Thunderbolt, and we’ll notify customers as soon as we have an update.