HTC ad pokes fun at Samsung, iPhone owners in new ad

April 27, 2015

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When you make ads that poke fun at your rivals, sometimes it can hit the mark and be hilarious rather than catty (see early Samsung ads mocking Apple) or it can totally fail and not be funny at all (see latter Samsung ads mocking Apple, still). Based on initial feedback to this new one from HTC, it looks like it fall under the second category with their "Cellami" YouTube video, which mocks both Samsung and iPhone owners.

HTC invented fictional diseases that are not even subtle digs at Samsung and Apple: "Bi-phonal Displeasure Disorder", SAD (Samsung Affective Disorder), and iOS (Irritable Operating System). It then gives a supposed cure (fictional too of course) called Cellami (metalidone boomsoundide), but warns that there are numerous side effects like weight gain, permanent thumb loss, blue teeth, oily plastic discharges, etc. The ad features a pale, wan, man who's obviously "sick" with the aforementioned diseases and is undergoing the Cellami cure.

Of course, the ad's kicker is that if you're using their newes flagship, the HTC One M9, then you wouldn't need to undergo treatment and suffer from the seemingly horrible side effects of Cellami. They claim that you will not be afflicted because "your phone is the best" so you can just "go enjoy your life".

Reaction to the ad has been...well, sad. Their attempt at being funny ended up with them trying too hard, peppering the ad with all the latest "in" terms and cool-sounding references, but it still falls pretty flat. It's like your uncle trying to be cool by constantly saying "what the kids today are saying" but ends up sounding and looking, well, uncool. Maybe better luck next time, HTC. Too bad, the One M9 is actually a pretty decent phone. Maybe not the best as the ad says, but still deserving of a much better ad than that one.

[youtube F3LBOqXTvM0]

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  • irony

    Lame ad especially coming from a company whose smartphone is inferior to both of the phones it’s making fun of.

    • Johnny Dwyer

      And how is that? One of these so called phones you are talking about had to copy the design of HTC in order to use a metal back. Then this phone you think that’s so great, HAS to be so minimalistic in order for it to function. If this so called phone ran under the Android platform, it would operate like it wad powered by a dial up connection. Then the second phone you are defending up and goes against everything it stood for. A company that did nothing but bash Apple for years, then turns around and builds a iPhone galaxy S6. Not to mention, if you paid attention more instead of just being some jackass fanboy, you would Know the S6 is having all kinds of RAM issue’s. HTC has every right to mock all these other manufacturers. It was HTC who has your so called worshiped manufactures finally trying to make quality built phones. Maybe look up who stands on top when it comes to the best built phone. They have videos on YouTube of HTC devices going up against these so called wannabe devices. See for yourself which phone stands up to the most punishment.

  • hahaj

    Add sucks…wors add ever !!!!

  • uphilme247

    So sad that they don’t have a clue nowadays! You think they would be more concerned about them wack azz phone sells!!

  • Johnny Dwyer

    Great video HTC! In one corner you have the cheapest of the 3, ( iPhone ), and in the other corner we have the iPhone galaxy S6 who is already having all kinds of RAM issue’s. Then you have Apple who pretended to build the iPhone 6 like HTC phones, only Apple pulled, well an Apple. They go and put some cheap aluminum on the back. Don’t put that phone in you’re pocket with keys, it will scratch immediately. Now to mention dropping the iPhone 6, the glass will break even from pocket height. HTC M9 owners, you don’t have to worry about either of those things. As for the S6, well that can at least handle more punishment than the iPhone6. The issue with the S6 is RAM, while Samsung claims to be using 3 gigs of ddr4 which is supposed to be the best, why is it it’s showing so many problems. You people owning that device might want to pay attention. Many reports are showing you are only getting between 400 to 600 MB of RAM, while the phones RAM is going whacky and using up 2.5 gigs on nothing. HTC M9 don’t seem to be having these problems. I don’t own any of these phones, I speak on fact, not from being a fanboy. I’ll be waiting on the G4.!