The CyanogenMod team showed off a near-complete version of Ice Cream Sandwich for the HP TouchPad earlier this week, and now you can try it out on your own hardware. CyanogenMod 9 Alpha 0 is ready to download and install via RootzWiki (currently experiencing uptime issues), though at this point it’s far from finished. While the basics are in place, including Android 4.0’s much-improved tablet interface, a host of early bugs will discourage all but the most dedicated of modders.

What bugs? At this point video support is extremely limited – anything other than low-resolution YouTube videos are unplayable. That includes services like Netflix and HBO GO. The camera and microphone are currently non-functional, and issues with the Android market are keeping the virtual DPI settings in the ROM artificially low – i.e., everything looks bigger than it should. These problems mirror some of the issues had with early Gingerbread builds for the HP TouchPad. The CyanogenMod team is working diligently to sort them out, and in that, you can help them by flashing the ROM and reporting your progress back in the main RootzWiki thread.

You can flash the new ROM by using the standard ClockworkMod recovery method – if you’re already using the Gingerbread alpha, you’ve almost certainly got the custom recovery installed already. Just copy the ZIP file into a location on the TouchPad’s internal storage, then flash it in the usual way. As always, make a Nandroid backup before trying out anything new – TouchPads are becoming increasingly rare, and you’d hate to brick your sad, lonely piece of tech history, wouldn’t you.

[via android central]

  • G Lugo2


  • Jim1g

    Have they fixed the Wifi connection issues. Also, it can be a pain expain how to find the updates. Some easy to find links would be nice.

    • Chluecnu

      still have some problems with WIFI

      • xman

        I had wifi issues and now I have none. Try changing the wireless channel on your router to something below 6. 11 to 5 resolved my connection issues.

      • zooterkin

        Same here.  I had wifi problems (kept losing the connection) with alpha2 of cm7, which were nearly fixed with alpha 3, and then seemed broken again with 3.5.

        With the cm9 alpha 0.5, I’ve not noticed any wifi problems at all so far.

      • friiwiifii

        in the US, you should NEVER use anything other than channels 1, 6, or 11. Using channel 5, you will be in contention with any access points configured for either channels 1 or 6. If those channels are not free w/in your airspace, you should consider upgrading to 5ghz 802.11n. 

        source – 10 years of setting up corporate wireless LANs. 802.11 provides 14 channels that are 5Mhz apart. However, the protocol requires 25Mhz of separation. So if you configure your AP for channel 5, your stomping all over users on channel 1 and users on channel 5, and they’re stomping all over your airspace as well.

  • Jgreshes

    I keep seeing articles about alphas, betas, different versions, etc. Just wondering: is there an actual, stable, fully usable Android of any dessert variety for the Touchpad? 

    • They call it alpha, but I think that’s really just to lower expectations. CM7 worked nigh flawlessly on the Touchpad despite being an alpha.

      • Monty Waggoner

        Not for me. I loved it, but it was far from flawless. 

    • Sdavisnz


  • zooterkin

    You say, ”
    You can flash the new ROM by using the standard ClockworkMod recovery method “, but the RootzWiki page states, ”
    If you use the ClockWorkMod Recovery, you’ll run into troubles, and though CyanogenMod 9 will install, you’ll need to reset(format) your data.”

    • Monty Waggoner

      That’s nothing big. Anyone who’s flashed ROMS knows that you’ll need to wipe your data. 

      • zooterkin

        Er, no.  The point is that if you use the AcmeInstaller method, then you don’t lose your data.

  • Thatdude

    Waiting for ICS that works fine and can update through CM7. But its nice to see progress!

  • Unitedforever97
  • Motmans_erwin

    Hello I have instaklled it on my touchpad but I have 2 issues, one is the calender does not sync and the other one I don’t see the device on my PC to put movies etc on the sd card.
    Who can help?

  • Xeband

    Lots of issue, camera’microphone and YouTubedoes not work.

  • Tonmyhawkes36

    Any bodyhaving problems with the market? Mine just shuts instantly every time!

  • Suma Goto

    Here is how to install it perfectly

  • Ice

    problems with flash