[How Do I] Turn My Android Phone into a SNES for My Television?

January 3, 2011

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The question today, and stop me if you've heard of this before, is "how do I turn my Android device into an SNES?" - or basically any other video game system that has an emulator in the Android Market, for that matter? Well it's simple, dude, check it out. First take a look back to May to see the first step - grabbing an app by the name of "WiiMote Controler." After that, depends on the device you want to use. If you've got yourself a Droid X, you're in the most amount of luck, because you'll be able to blow your game screen up as big as you like - supposing of course you've got a television the size you'd like.

Here's what you do, and thanks to SXRider821 for the tip on this of course: download that WiiMote Controller, download an emulator like the fantastic SNesoid, make sure your WiiMote is synced up with your device, connect your device to your gigantic high-def television with your HDMI cord, and bam. There you have it. Greatest thing ever.

BONUS: It's in 3D! I know how much you love that.

[youtube B0lngKZ-bgU]

Sixteen years ago, when you first jammed out on Killer Instinct on your Super Nintendo, did you have any idea that you'd be playing that same game on a much bigger screen, but this time using a converter cable to run an emulator of your old system off of a cellphone, using a controller from an advanced Nintendo controller from a system made for wireless gesture interaction? What a weird present we live in.

[Via SXRider821]

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  • Just wanted to add that if you are running a Galaxy S device, you cannot use the Wiimote Controller application. The Wiimote simply will not sync to your device.

    If you are rooted, there are some who say that CyanogenMod 6 will solve this problem for you, but I haven’t installed CM6 on my Vibrant yet, so I can’t verify this.

  • rob

    whats the HDMI app he’s using?