HBO GO updated to work with Android 4.3 devices; still no Chromecast

October 8, 2013

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The HBO and MAX GO apps have both been updated, and are rolling out as we speak. The vague “bug fixes” was the only thing listed in the changelog for both apps, but many users are reporting that both are now compatible with Android 4.3 Jelly Bean.

We can confirm that the HBO GO app is now available for download on the Nexus 7 2013, where as it wasn’t before the update. The above screenshot is from the newest Nexus tablet, running stock Android 4.3. It works just as well as before, with playback running smoothly and the app functionality the same.

What isn’t included is something many users desperately want, and that’s Chromecast support. Though Hulu Plus has recently begun including Chromecast streaming into their app, neither the HBO or Cinemax apps have done so. When the Chromecast came out, we learned of HBO tinkering with the functionality for their app, but we still go wanting.

HBO also made some of their original programming available on the Play Store yesterday, so those who have cut the cable cord can still get some great shows. We can only hope that Chromecasting is on its way, and that making their app available across most Android devices is a precursor for it.

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  • Clayton

    I was able to download the app, but when I try and launch it, I keep getting HBO GO is experienceing difficulties. Please try again later.

    IT works just fine on my iphone though. 🙁