Happy New Year 2012: Android Resolutions

January 1, 2012

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Happy New Year from Android Community! I know many are probably still sleeping off the nights party but for those making resolutions, or already made a few last night we thought we'd chime in with a few from the world of Android. Traditionally people resolve to eat less junk food, stop a bad habit, lose some weight, be nicer to people and more -- we have a few Android-based resolutions of our own.

Once I really sat down and starting to think about a few new year resolutions for Android I quickly started getting all sorts of ideas. From saying to leave nicer, more useful comments in the Android Market comment/reviews section, to be friendly in forums and developer sites and help your fellow Android enthusiasts. Although I do agree people need to search, investigate, and read how-to guides before asking silly questions when it comes to modding and hacking Android. Either way -- be nicer to our friends and foes in the Android Community.

Battery Life

Battery life: we need bigger, better, with shorter charging times. Obviously the technology has only came so far and there is only so much room in these increasingly thinner phones and tablets. Batteries like the one above plastering 2,430 mAh (wow) in a big noticeable sticker isn't what I have in mind either. That cheap battery probably is 1000 mAh under that wrapper. I'm talking about real battery improvements -- whether that be in general power management with OS, displays, and apps -- to bigger and better batteries that wont make our devices larger.

If people can drive 100 miles with a Prius with nothing but battery power then why can't my Android smartphone last 3 days like my old Nokia candy-bar phone did? Just a thought. That is my first resolution for 2012.

Google Nexus Tablet

Now I wont spend too much time on this Nexus Tablet thing -- mainly because we heard it from the big man himself. Google CEO Eric Schmidt said back in December that a Google Nexus Tablet could be here within the next six months. Now this is a very real possibility and something I've wanted forever (well, since the Xoom let me down). My only concern is making the design impressive enough for it to blow up, without getting Apple's slew of lawyers in crazed dash for the courtroom. That is also my next resolution -- chill out on the lawsuits everyone! Back to the tablet though, I have a feeling Google is planning a quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 Android 4.1 Ice Cream Sandwich tablet that will hopefully set the tone once again for Android. Who's with me?

Lawsuits and Carrier IQ

This entire lawsuit and Carrier IQ disaster than has erupted throughout 2011 is actually very irritating. I seriously almost didn't even want to mention it but I feel it is quite necessary. Between the Apple/Micro$oft vs Google thing to the train wreck many are calling Carrier IQ. These types of things in general need to stop -- although I'm almost positive the never will. The countless countless lawsuits thrown around by Apple are starting to get a bit ridiculous, not to mention all their "innovative" patents. And don't even get me started on Carrier IQ.

Micro$oft needs to focus on Windows Phone 7.whatever and leave Android to do its thing. Attacking every manufacturer in their grasp isn't going to do any good for anyone or the technology market as a whole -- other than make Bill Gates richer.

Now I might have ended that on an angry note so sorry about that. I'm going to keep this sort of short and sweet and leave you guys with those few resolutions although here at Android Community we could think of plenty more. I do love innovation and the increasingly better and faster technology and devices, but could a few manufacturers (I'm looking at you Motorola) slow down on the releases. I know many Bionic owners were angry to see the RAZR appear so soon, and the DROID 3 getting replaced by something awesome isn't sitting well with D3 buyers either. The rate of speed smartphones are being released and produced is awesome in every way that is for sure. Getting locked into 2-year contracts is almost a crime and something I just don't see myself doing again. I'll buy outright and enjoy the best whenever possible -- but that is just me.

I'm sure many of our readers have resolutions of their own, plenty probably of which are Android related. Feel free to share any and all resolutions you may have in the comment section below.

Happy New Year!

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  • Yes the big red V got on my nerves and was considering an upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus but seeing they do not allow tethering and lock you into a contract i think I will stick to my crap phone and service. Happy New Years everyone!

  • Yes the big red V got on my nerves and was considering an upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus but seeing they do not allow tethering and lock you into a contract i think I will stick to my crap phone and service. Happy New Years everyone!

  • While I’d love to have higher capacity batteries, the reality is that the technology has progressed at an agonizingly slow pace.  There is no Prius that will go 100 miles on battery power.  The regular Prius can only go about 1-1.5 miles on electrons and the upcoming plug-in hybrid version will do about 12-13 miles.  A Nissan Leaf will do about 75-90 miles under most conditions and over 100 if you have a really light foot.  Unfortunately, batteries for cars like that are still insanely expensive an are currently estimated to run at least $12-14,000.

    For the increasingly skinny phones we are demanding it’s going to be tough to get more than about 1,800 mAh of capacity any time soon.  That means engineers are going to have to find a a way to make the devices more energy efficient.

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