Hanging out with friends and family during the holidays or weekends like this past one is what life is all about right? Well today is Independence Day and we here at Android Community want to wish each and every friend, follower, reader and everyone else a very safe and happy 4th of July. We hope you have all enjoyed the weekend, whether it was work or play or a little of both.

I’m sure you Android lovers have been flashing custom roms, getting the latest CM7 nightly or all those other fun things we all do, and I’ve been right there with you. Today being a celebration of our freedom that we all love and enjoy we are taking the day off at Android Community to be with the ones we love and appreciate. We hope you will all do the same and be right back here tomorrow morning to continue with our other favorite thing, and that is Android!

Here are a few simple quotes that I’ve always liked during this time of year:

Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better. ~Albert Camus


Freedom is never free. ~Author Unknown

They are short and they are sweet but if you read them and think about it for a minute you’ll see why I picked them. While you are all here you might as well head over to our Tabletpalooza Giveaway. I also figured I’d link to a few firework apps or wallpapers for Android so check this out as well.

Android Firework Apps

Thanks for stopping by on this amazing day, we hope you enjoy it as much as we all will. Happy 4th of July again from Android Community.

  • happy 4th to everyone!

  • happy independance day to all.
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  • Domerf4l

    Ive never reply to any article but this day after the 4th of July, I feel a great urge to do so. Let me star by saying I’m a die-hard Android fan, and I was using the Original Droid within weeks of seeing it carried at Verizon. I learned the OS and tweaked my phone till my eyes would hurt. Im the furthest thing from a computer wiz, but my fam & friends looked at me like I was the biggest techie nerd in this hemisphere. So that’s just as little about me.
    And now the reason why I want to reply to this article…
    I met my girlfriend almost a year ago, she had an iPhone 3g, and the thought made me tick. BUT a month later she dropped At&t, came to Verizon and was booting up a new Droid X.
    But most recently, on this 4th of July that I will remember for a while, I arrive at my family BBQ. I look on the counter to see a Droid Incredible 2. My moms new phone as of a week ago. 20 min later my Aunt and Uncle pull me aside to show me their brand new HTC EVOs. The next hour consisted of me showing them the ropes and helping customize their phones to the fullest. Was really blown away by how far Android has come.

    Not to take anything away from the true meaning of the 4th of July. Just wanting to share my story from the holiday and if there’s any other hardcore Droid owners reading this, I’m sure you can understand my excitement!

    Happy Independence Day!