The Google Nexus S will be the new “standard” of Android handsets when it’s officially released on December 16th. Android fans have definitely been vocal about their disappointment with the device mainly because it’s not as groundbreaking as the Nexus One was, but how is the device actually once you’ve gotten your hands on it? Well, we have had some time with the device and you can check out our first impressions as well as a video demo below.

You can definitely tell this device was Samsung made with the device looking quite similar to their range of Galaxy S devices. However, the most noticeable difference on the Nexus S is its unique curved display. Proving to be surprisingly usable, the curved display is an interesting feature, and utilizing Samsung’s Super AMOLED it’s very impressive. Among the outside of the device we find the microUSB and 3.5mm headset jack at the bottom of the handset joining the mic. The microSD card slot is no where to be found, so that means no expandable memory, which is one of the major drawbacks of the device.

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The device is proving to be incredibly speedy. Its 1GHz Hummingbird really gets the job done. We were concerned with their choice all the way back when we heard that Samsung will be utilizing a Hummingbird processor instead of a new dual-core chip, but with our time with the device it seems that we had nothing to worry about, it’s still a very impressive powerhouse running Android 2.3 very smoothly.

You can check out the galley of the Nexus S below as well as a full initial review of the device over at SlashGear!

  • Sold my Nexus back in June , i feel like a dunce now lol. Oh well, it was more T-Mobile network, i just had to switch.

  • JR

    Not having an memory card expansion slot IS A GOOD THING PEOPLE. Hardwired memory is faster and this will allow the phone to run smoother. 16GB is plenty of storage, I’m happy to trade that slot for a faster, more responsive phone and all phones should go in this direction.

  • I prefer the way the Galaxy S does it. It comes with that 16GB of fast internal storage making a great place to store those over-sized games. But it also has the micro-SD card slot for extra storage if you want to carry lots of music and videos with you.

  • Six

    No expandable memory is a deal-breaker for me. What about when I’m flying from L.A. to Texas and I want to swap in my 32gb memory card that has my “digital copy” movies on it. I personally LIKE having and taking advantage of my choices and options with my devices (phone, ps3, dvd’s, blue-rays, laptop, hdtv, my car, etc.) -People can get all nit-picky but still my Nexus 1 does it all – its not too big and not too small, the way I encode
    my movies still gets a “wow!” from people looking on even without a SUPER AMOLE screen – plus I paid 550.00 for my N1….I think I can find more value in it than it finding the bottom of my night stand drawer – NFC u say, well good luck with that, I’ll get on that ship as soon as its proven to float (give it a year to test first) – gingerbread’s on its way so I’ll wait till the nexus 3 comes out, I hear it can “beam you up” just like star trek!! 🙂 N1 still a win in my book!!