Yesterday we talked a bit about some images of a curious smartphone that surfaced out of China. The images showed a Samsung smartphone that looked a lot like the Note II, but had hardware inside rumored to be the Galaxy S IV. The device carried model number GT-I9502.

While the phone looks nothing like we expect the Galaxy S IV to look like on the outside, the impressive hardware on the inside does match up with previous rumors of what Samsung would be cramming inside of its new high-end smartphone. We still suspect that this is a test mule running actual Galaxy S IV hardware with more mundane looks on the outside to throw people off.

A video has now turned up that appears to show the same person who took the photos yesterday giving a quick hands-on demonstration of the Samsung test mule. The video shows the phone with its back off and the battery. The person then put the battery back in and starts the phone up.

The hands-on doesn’t give up a lot of details that we couldn’t glean from the images yesterday. However, you can get an idea of how snappy the operating system works with the powerful processor inside the device. Thankfully, we only have two more days before Samsung officially unveils the S IV for all to see.

[via SlashGear]

  • Steve

    it’s “amazing” design solution to combine METAL chrome band and cheap glossy plastic back. 😐
    The metal band is awesome, but the overall design in the leak above isn’t as amazing as it could be.

    I still don’t understand what’s the point to show 2 METAL “4” on teaser ads, which:
    1) are NOT chrome
    2) are NOT plastic
    3) are white and black
    and then show the smartphone in this video on March 14.

    At least this metal band will protect Galaxy SIV from last year’s Apple’s “corner fall” bias drop-tests.
    Specs and software rule everything.
    BUT WOW design would make GS4 a real WOW.

    • mikeGsays

      please, everyone, don’t follow along and continue talking about how Samsung phones are NOT superior because they’re NOT made of of metal and glass and everything those awful iThings are made out of…. you want to be elitist, go to Apple, Android is not the place for it

  • Meh. I was hoping the GS4 would be a little more innovative, not simply iterative. I guess don’t fix what’s not broken.

    It was kind of odd to hear Jony Ive in the background talking about the iPad Mini.