GT Racing: Hyundai Edition released in the Google Play store

September 20, 2012

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Gameloft has been a dominate figure in the Android gaming marketplace. One of its hit titles is GT Racing. The game developer today announced their latest title in the GT Racing series. GT Racing: Hyundai Edition features -- you guessed it -- two different Hyundai models that you can play around with.

The game features the Hyundai Genesis Coupé and the I-oniq concept car. The I-oniq is being featured in a video game for the first time ever. Players can take both of these rides for a spin on three tracks that are featured in the original GT Racing game (Monte Carlo, Scandinavia and Speed Ring).

[youtube F7Ic-Yv1Qd4]

The game includes all the great features that you can find in the original GT Racing: The same awesome graphics and controls, as well the chance to compete against other racers using the GT Racing: Motor Academy leaderboards. The two games are seamlessly integrated into one another.

While Gameloft's Asphalt series might be a better game overall, you can't beat the free price tag of the GT Racing series. GT Racing: Hyundai Edition is available now for free in the Google Play store.

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  • Todd Martineau

    Why isn’t this game compatible with Samsung S3?!

  • 610 megs? Holy bloatware, Batman! Great way to exceed your monthly cap, and it’s not compatible with my Nexus 7.